i dont think they should be. thats what the FireFighters are for.

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No, that is not what I said. Captains and Lieutenants regularly command fires. The BC will sometimes let them keep it after he arrives, that is training. But no chief is going to pull hose, run the nozzle, vent or any other such work at a fire.
Oh ok I see what your saying. My misunderstanding.
We have to remember that once a union is in the picture the rules change and since most large cities have them the question is moot there. In ununionized areas there can be a difference . I think in most cases firefighters are used as the ground troops and officers are officers, but if they are capable and desire to be used in this capacity as long as all command functions are filled by competent individuals why not.
No, it is good to see how others do things. Like capcityff says, there is a big difference between how larger municipal deparments do things and smaller volunteer departments do it. We can both learn from each other but there is a difference.
Billy, that is the difference between city and country. Our chief has never even been a firefighter. College to chiefs staff in OK City, to deputy in New Mexico to chief in Montana to here. Even if he had been a FF, city chiefs do not do that work, even if they want to. They have to earn that respect before they become chief, which many do. The they keep that respect by taking care of the guys.
Right.. Union would not allow management to do their work. Many times the Capt. or Lt. first due will establish command. Chief will assume command upon arrival,if needed. In smaller depts., even if the chief does not assume command from his officer, he still can do similar duties.. safety, sector officer, etc. I don't believe the top man should be going in on a fire attack. Remember he still has to manage the dept. after that inncident. Standing there squirting water on a fire, yanking hose, etc etc could be something he might consider IF he chose to, but in my opinion, he really should not do interior, for the reasons mentions. Of course there are always extenuating circumstances. Not that he can't or is not capable - just for the good of the deptartment..he shouldn't.
I know the union would put a stop to it. I was referring to a Vol. dept.
well we always have more then enough people every call we have. so thats why i dont think that the chief should be allowed to fight fires exc. we have 1 engine and rescue each carry 6 people that go's on every call unless it's a house fire then they all go. but the chief is to make sure things on the secen are goin well they are not to take it over.
Yeah, I know.
If they don't hand over command and get their hands dirty once in a while, how do they keep their skills up?

Command is about being up to date in all facets of the jobs, inlcuding getting in there...
NO - They are either too important or too scared of fire..... seen both in my years LOL
If the chief arrives on a fireground and doesn't assume command, he should just pull a lawn chair out of the back of his pickup and watch the show. He should not engage in firefighting activities - activities that his members almost certainly need more exposure to.

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