There has been a lot of talk going around in the Fire and EMS field about a few women wanting to take legal action against departments because CPAT is to hard for women to pass and some even feel it is a way to keep women out of the fire service. I'm not sure if that is so because there are a lot of men who fail it also! I know women who have passed and they passed with ease! I think its a matter of how bad you really want it! I think it truely sets a fair minimum standard for men and women because it reflects the stamina and strenth needed to perform the job and not if you're male or female! What are your thoughts?

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I agree with you. It is NOT that I think anybody should be held out of the workforce because of gender or race, however, this is or can be an incredibly demanding job physically. most training officers, academy instructors etc., will tell you the CPAT is just a "measure" to get into the is nothing compared to the academy or the actual job itself.

Whats next...the oral exam was too hard so change it?
I dont like math so take it off the written?
Sure Im blind and deaf...but I should still be allowed to be a firefighter!
Jake, ya hit the nail on the hear.

If you cant pass CPAT, then you should not be considered for the job. Period
I agree with Dustin. I took the same test as my male constituents, the same test osha requires, the same test FDNY administers. I trained 3 months to pass it, and it is that difficult so that you don't get killed when you are working a fire.
Thats the biggest problem Jake, not everyone can do it so let's lower the standard so everyone can. I remember my first time trying out for Tee Ball... I didn't make the cut that year but I'll be danged if I didn't bust my ass and make it next season. Try to tell somebody today that their kid didn't make the team...
I mean I dont wanna beat this subject to death, but seriously...what is the HARDEST part of the CPAT?
If anyone can not perform...
If anything the standards are to low! Wanna make a change, make them harder!
A fire scene doesn't change based on the gender of the fire fighters arriving on scene. The victoms don't sunddenly get lighter and the downded ff that needs to be extricated don't suddenly become light as a feather just because there's a female coming in on the first due rig. The great women ff's should be pissed at these "females" that cry foul just because they don't have the heart to pass the test.
Damnthing....oh heavens NO! We should have a video-game a thon to see who is most qualified!!!!! lol ;-) You don't really want to work with THE MOST qualified do you? That would be almost inconcievable!

Alan...excellent points!
I have to say no it needs to be the same for both men and a women just like any thing els if u you can't do the job then you sould have the rule chang just for that person. It is like if i was to say will i want to be a doc but could not get thu med school so i was going to sue it is dum
I think that what they were saying is that it will be easier for EVERYBODY. This way more females can pass the test. More men as well, however, nobody is complaining that men can't pass the test.
I agree totally, The examine should not be changed. Regardless of SEX if you want to do the job. You must be in the best possible shape to be able to overcome the obstacles encountered in the job. A person trapped does not need any less physical strength to move whether it is a man or women DOING the moving. They both have to be able to perform the task at hand.

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