With the rise in arson fires , there is discussion in registering arsonist. What are your thoughts. Do you have a known arsonist in your area. What about the new firefighters that you hire.How many of you have had one on your department ? How did you catch them? We had 3 " Kids " that were caught from our department and a surrounding department a few years ago. Kind of embarrassing.What about the penalties ? Should they be stiffer . I say " Throw the book at them . Chime in and say your peace . And most importantly , Be safe .

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Again, I will say YES
"while we are discussing arsonists, I believe arson is a crime where 100 percent of the sentence must be served. Not day for day or commutation. 100 percent." - Art "ChiefReason" Goodrich

Right on Art. I'm so sick of our State, (Illinois), giving inmates one day off of their sentence for every day of good behavior! If you get sentenced to 20 years, you serve 20 years!

Stay safe!
I agree that there are instances where it was a one time event but that does not excuse the fact that we need to know who is in our neighborhood . I just think it is time to lock up people that do this and throw away the key . I agree that whatever time they are given needs to be completed 100% . How can they get time off for " being good". Lets get back to an eye for an eye . Put them in a burning building and see how they like it . Glad to see that most agree with what should happen and remember we are able to do this because " We are American and proud of it ".Be safe to all and God Bless.
in our state someone that drives under suspension gets a worse sentence than someone that starts a fire. just driving without a license doesn't make the person a criminal but setting a fire puts all lives in jepordy. and should be acted on weather it is a juvinile or an adult the should get the same sentence death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I don't know if it's common practice in all departments, but in ours when you put in your membership application it is reviewed, and before you can be voted on or begin to do anything at the department an arson check must be recieved with no issues. May be something some departments should try.
An arson check. What is that? Is it seperate from a criminal record check? Criminal records should reflect arson which is a crime. TCSS
Are you saying members as in fire fighters or members as in the community ? A few years ago we " hired" 3 new volunteers . Our fires started picking up . After they burned a barn of a state official , an investigation started and these three were caught and sent away . ( o.k.,, slapped on the wrist ) . That was the first building fire as all others were grass . I think it is a good idea to do full back ground on all prospects . As for the community , I want to know who all are in my area that are arsonists . No exceptions here . Be safe and God Bless .
great discussion,guys. in my dept,we do arson background checks when you join,but a registry would be a great idea. too bad todays politically corectness protects the creeps and pervs...stay safe,everyone.
I know in Delaware there was a law passed that if you have any felonies many other offenses can't remember them all right now. However if they do have any they are not allowed to be a firefighter and must be able to pass a background check. As for current firefighters there is really no law. In my department they are put on suspension depending on the outcome of the investigation or pending a trial Than they will be most likely let go from the department and any and all information will be past on to any other department they try to join.
In my department I haven`t heard of any and my department does a arson back ground I don`t know if other dept. do that but I`m sure they do.They should be arrested and go to jail.They should go to jail for as many fires they started and how bad they where.If they go to jail they should be sent to a really bad prision or even worse shock camp.They won`t handle shock camp they think that it`s bad being there they should think about starting fires.My opionion is that prisinors of any kind like arsonist or anything they shouldn`t just sit around they need to have there asses worked off more like going to the military and letting them get there heads blown off not these young kids.Ya back to the arson thing they should be in jail and if they have more then 15 fires that should be life in prision.
Meh. Arson is a felony. We already register and track felons. Why add yet another layer of bureaucracy?

I think you'd hit the same problem we have now with sex offender registries: people with minor offences are basically ruined for the rest of their lives. We've all read about kids (or young adults) who "mooned" or streaked, and had to register as a sex offender. Now for the rest of their lives, they will be ostracised for being a drunk idiot at age 17. We can probably agree that helps no one.

Technically, starting a campfire in a public park is arson. Playing with a lighter in school is arson. I think setting off illegal fireworks is arson in some areas. Do we brand these guys for life? I hardly think that's the same as a professional torch, or a serial arsonist, but that's the sort of thing that this would engender.
We already have that law in NY State:

An arson background check must be performed by the local Sheriff's Department (or NYS OFPC if the Sherriff can't/won't) for every prospective member.

Convicted arsonists cannot be firefighters. Period.

Even a plea deal to an arson related charge must carry an "arson tag" so that they can't slip through the cracks if convicted in NYS.

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