I saw a story in Fire Rescue about an NYPD officer who had to be rescued by FDNY...that reminded me of some funny cop stories.

From today's Fire Rescue online:

NY Post reported that Dave Natto and his partner responded to frantic 911 calls about a stray cat stuck in a tree.

Once at the scene, Natto climbed the tree, but the cat scampered out of reach each time he got close, according to the report. Natto, up 30 feet in the air, called off the chase and told his partner that he couldn’t get back down.

I recall one from about 10 years ago: A state trooper helped us lift a gunshot victim on a backboard from the ground to the cot. When we lifted there was an awful tearing noise. The crotch in the trooper's tight polyester pants had ripped from fly to belt loop. He was suddenly air conditioned! We were laughing so hard we almost dropped the patient.

Share your funniest cop stories.

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  Happened about 8-10 years ago, we were toned out for a mva car vs. deer.  Arrived on scene and took care of the patient however the deer was not completely dead.  The deer was about 20 feet off the road in a field (laying down but still thrashing) and the local town cop was going to put it down.  He pulled out his service revolver and fired off a shot but completely missed, tried a second time and missed again, it took the third shot before he finally hit the deer.  Everyone was trying to hold in the laughter when he turned around and said nobody says a word about what happened.  When we got back to the station we all let loose and shared the story about the cop that couldn't hit a half dead deer from 20'.

This was many years ago that we had a county officer who would come by the station to shoot the breeze with the volunteers and the career personnel on duty in the kitchen. He got a call for a kid shooting a BB gun in his patrol area. He grabs his portable radio being funny and starts rattling off to send the SWAT team, K9 and the state police helicopter. Next thing we heard was the dispather saying "WHAT!". He had accidently press the transmit button on his radio. I bet the dispatcher heard us all laughing in the background has he said he was on the way.

Another incident involved a officer finding a brief case unattended outside a bank. He grabs it puts it in his patrol car and drives to our station and tells the crew he might have a bomb. He is told to go across the street to the middle school and run it out into the middle of the athletic field and wait for the county fire dept bomb squad. Turn out it was just a brief case after they got there.

Had a similar story but only i wasnt called out to it.  Coming home n the middle of winter and a deer crossed an ice covered road and broke both front legs.  Ran home grabbed the shotgun and headed back out.  Called the local cops on the way and met them there.  He pulled out his rifle and took 5 shots at 25-30 yards.  Missed all 5 times.  I asked it i could take a shot with my gun and he told me good luck.   Took the top of her head clean off.  His reason for bad shooting was the poor lighting

Hi All,

      This happen on a rescue call, at the time when the police first received their tasers,  The person that called rescue was sitting on the couch at the time . The person was starting to combative my cop buddy was right behind me at that time . He whisper in my are if the person start to stand up from the couch and moves in my direction , he will yell taser and I  was to move away from the person.When the person stood up I went down . My buddy the cop taser me instead. my partners that were on the call with me could not believe what just happen. MY cop buddy ( quick draw ) could not believe that he just shot me. We laugh about this now years latter 

When I was a Lieutenant we were at a car fire on interstate 75. when the fire was out a FHP trooper arrived and began to do her paperwork. they hadn't cut the grass for a while and the cop's catalytic converter set the grass under her car on fire. I ran up and knocked on the window to tell her to move the car. she ignored me at first then rolled the window down and sternly said "you can go Russ, I cant chat right now" and she rolled up the window to keep the AC in. I knocked again and she was mad now and said, " I cant talk right now, what do you want?....with a straight face I said, look to your right please--she saw the flames and screamed as we pulled the trash line and put it out after she moved the car...(yes she apologized)


my favorite was a called DOA by a cop at an accident scene...this cop did everything in his power to convince us this person was dead BUT (he had a pulse). we transported and afterwards we had a little fun with it saying that police academy graduates can get 2 riders on their certifications, a K.A. or "know it all" or an A.A.D.-"also a doctor" this was a deputy-AAD

I work with two volunteer depts. in my area and one night we both get paged out to a structure fire back in a little hollow, or holler as some of the older guys call it. I am talking one lane traffic, dirt road, the works. It is 3AM and I had just gotten back about 45 minutes earlier from a wildland fire so I was pretty wore out. We arrive on scene and I am assigned to interior attack. I go in do my job come back out to change cylinders and from behind me I hear, "So you got a house fire?" I am not really sure if it was the tiredness or spite in me at such a ridiculous question that I responded with " nah man, every now and then at like 3 in the morning we all like to suit up and drive these big red fire trucks back into these cubby holes in the mountains and see how easy it is to turn them around. 

I locked my tank in and turned to find a KY state trooper with a sheer look of disgust on his face. I felt pretty stupid but he ended up thinking it was hillarious as he had just worked a domestic and was trying to get home when he was dispatched to the scene.

Considering that 99% of all EPA emergency response team PPE selection is Level B, this is something that is only done for training, not reality. Seeing this is funny because it's pretty much a given for those of us who have donned and doffed Level A that visual integrity is compromised almost immediately. If you look closely at this photograph, you can see the condensation already forming inside the suits. The condensation inside the PPE lmits any kind of clear view to get the bad guys. If you have the chance to educate you law enforcement brothers and sisters, share this post and photograph to ilustrate why it's important to use Level B PPE.

What a great photo and lesson!

These guys are well-camouflaged to say the least!!!

Thanks to the officers who are willing to go in and get the bad guys no matter what!

Well it happened a few years ago in Sweden during the winter:

A patrol car was driving off the main road onto a tiny byroad somewhere in the countryside - the road wasn't cleared of snow, but it didn't look like if it was a lot of snow, and additionally the patrol cars have some offroad capabilities. After some few hundred feet the patrol car got stuck in the snow. Another patrol car came by to help the other one with a towrope ... and well while trying to pull out the other patrol car, this patrol car got stuck as well. Then a local farmer came by to pull both patrol cars out. But also as they were free from snow, the still weren't able to leave that spot. It was also shown on TV, lol the police officers involeved just laughed it away:


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