I have an old AV 2000 SCOTT Mask.  At this time the tightening straps have stretched out and every time I go to put on my hood the bottom straps stick out and I have to re adjust.  This usually is not a problem but I am going for my firefighter 1 & 2 certification soon and during the test time is everything.

My question is, is it ok to cut the straps down so that they are shorter and just tape up the ends of them or should I just look into replacing the netting and straps all together?


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Unless the netting is damged all you need to do is replace the straps.  Make sure to get the right straps.  The top strap is generally shorter than the bottom strap, depending on what generation of face piece you have.

Also, can you trade the older mask for a newer one while you are waiting on the new straps to come in?

No sir i'm Scott Service tech if they are that stretched that means they are ready to be replaced and yes you can replace the straps only not the  headharness assy If they are that stretched you must not be able to get a proper seal if your department fit test every year they should have found it if you have any issues with getting your hands on new set of straps please let me know see i can do.


Thank you guys I appreciate the help.

Ed,  I am going to the Chiefs show in June if I can not find a pair there I will keep in touch.  Might just replace the hole head harness anyways but we shall see what I find at the show.  

Thank you again guys and stay safe

My dept has several AV2000. When the SCOTT repair rep drops in he replaces them. I've never heard of cutting them down. I haven't had too much trouble with them being stretched out.

What might help in the future after the straps get replaced. I've been told to not pull outward on the straps, pull backward. This is supposed to save the straps from stretching out.



With heavy use no matter how you pull the straps they get stretchd out.

Are you part of a department?  You should probably be talking to them about it if the equipment isn't up to par.

Capcityff:  This is my own personal mask.  I try and buy a lot of my own equipment because I train with multiple different departments and don't want to ruin department issue if it were to happen.

And thank you all for the replies I appreciate it greatly.  


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