im not gripping just asking what all of you think yes or no, i vote yes we should wear them

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in todays day and age yes you need to wear them
thanks for the replie
Not only do I think we need to wear them as a ISO I demand we wear them. Due to staffing issues a few weeks ago (and much to my everloving DELIGHT) I got real hose time on a vehicle fire that was HOT and about 3 feet from the home. The windows of the home were cracked, paint peeling, real threat of structure becoming involved as well. However my partner on the hose in the heat of the moment wasnt wearing full PPE. I nicely asked/told him to put it ALL on. We were a minute or two delayed because it would have been irresponsible (safety officer or not) to let my partner put his or our lives in danger.

After the call he said sorry and I nicely told him that having met his wife several times I was woman enough to be afriad of having to call her and say Hey not only did your hisband get hurt on the job I was standing right next to him and did nothing to prevent it. We laughed it off in that "Yeah I didnt think if I go down someone will have that difficult duty to make that call" way we have.
With the amount of methylethelbadsh!t that modern everything is being made of and the types posion gas the stuff gives off when it burns not to mention the toxic gasses released by gasoline and other vehicle fuels when they burn or the realy cool thing that happens when water hits magnesium fires one would thing this is a no brainer but still we have Billy Bravo Alpha out there that doesn't need the sissy pack and to them I say go and visit some cancer Pt's and see what you have to look forward to if that does not convince you be around when those same caner Pt's die from there cancer belive me it's not pretty and there is noting Bad A$$ about it.

But I just realized I am on my soap box beating that same dead hourse again and in case I didn't make my answer clear

YES WEAR YOU S.C.B.A. at least until there is no more smoke and steam coming of the thing and that goes for more than just car fires.
SCBA let you get much more aggressive attacking the fire, and you don't have to taste it for a week afterwards. Might as well wear it.

Please take no offense, but I find this is a ridiculous post... if someone has to ask the question whether or not to wear a SCBA then I seriously question whether or not they have had any basic fire department training... you obviously understand the associated hazards by taking a proactive position to ALWAYS wear your SCBA in an IDLH environment... so why post the obvious?
Your thoughts and ideas intrigue me, I wish to subscribe to your news letter thought of that all by yourself....? I bet you "think" we should wear them when going interior or that we should use water to put fires out too.......LOL
Mike, this is the same bird that claims to be the "Training Officer" of his Department....I see he still cannot spell..................LOL
Way to go Ring! With that most rediculous question, you have proved many things. 1) you proved to me at least, that you have absolutely no business being a training officer. 2) You are in fact trying to cause or have caused, irrepairable conflict within your dept. (irreparable until you depart from the dept. and the service forever) 3) You are simply seeking attention, and sadly - getting it! 4) Most Jr, explorers, cadets etc out there are smarter than you and very capable of posting more intelligent threads, and DO! 5) You have no desire to better yourself after sooo many people have mentioned that your spelling and grammar are less that adequate. 6) Don't worry, I am sure someone out there reading will be able to add a # 6. I am done!
My deepest sympathies go out to your chief and members!
Hey Cap,
Glad to see you are still hanging around here!
If there is smoke that you can inhale, then you should wear your SCBA. Smoke from vehicle fires is just as toxic, if not more toxic, than a structure fire. Seems like a "no brainer" to me.

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