Hey all I have a question! Do you think it's safe to run on the fire ground? The reason I asked is because I've seen and even read about a few injuries occurring.. If we're training as if it's a real call then why are we starting up bad habits "from what I was told and learned, we dont run on the fire ground" yeah we move with hast!! But running is not safe.. So what are y'all thoughts?

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I've been taught never to run, but I am cultivating a "hustle" for the firehouse, training ground, or scene. Running usually does get you hurt (i.e., running into other people, tripping, slipping, falling, etc.). Moving at slightly more than a power-walk should be fine for all but the worst case scenarios (see Oldman's reply, when things "get real"), and even then you can't run full-tilt in bunker boots.

I run when I need to run rather it be on the fire ground or not.  But if "I" don't feel it is safe to run at that time....I.E carring tools or a ladder or in a field where ther are plenty of holes and rocks to trip on...I walk...simply said ..USE DISCRETION..


Running isn't safe at all.  We've all been trained not to run on the fireground.  90% of us vollies can't help it when flames are blowing out most of the structure, we've got a mean adreniline rush going on and we're hauling ass.  Some of us can control it, and some of us usually run out of adreniline after about 10 to 20 minutes. 

  "We've all been trained not to run on the fireground."  What do you mean ,"We"? 

 Is it We as in the firefighters on your dept.? Or is it We as in all firemen?


If you run, you better have a reason of a life safety issue that is IMMENENT. What I mean is by you running it must be worth the few seconds.  If you could justify it to your chief or you could prove that it helped MAYBE. But otherwise I say NEVER run.

Why do I have to justify it to my chief?  That's how the department trains us.  Another person who only sees things his own way.  : /  

I have never had to justify running to my chief. 

yah, me either.

I wonder if some people use the book learning system as the bible to fire fighting. What's in those books is gospel. As if there is only one way of doing things, and that is the way the books tell you to. There is always more than one way of doing something. If it just so happens to not go with the norm of the world, it doesn't mean it's wrong. However, some places do not tolerate working outside the box, and that's fine. But if you belong to those departments, that doesn't give you the right to say what is wrong or right in others'.

I also wonder if those against running have visions of Speedy Gonzales zipping all over the place. Makes me chuckle.

Like many have said, if you are allowed to run...then do it with comon sense. If you are not allowed to run, then don't do it. Simple. Either way, we can't subject those of oppostion to argument. It will never end.

And to add to this posting, I wish to humbly appologise to all who may have taken offense to my earlier posting of burger eating, donut chasing firefighters who should not run. That is a false broad brush statement that should have been made with more thought in mind and less lack of impulse control. Either way, don't take it too personally. I like donuts and burgers too. Just in moderation. I was trying to paint a picture of a homer simpson type image. However, it appears that failed, or some are too sensitive. 6 in one, half dozen in the other.


Wasn't offended at all. Got a good laugh from it and couldn't help but comment on it. Believe me you would have to come up with something a lot better then that to offend me.

We as in all firefighters.

You're not catching on to what he just called you out on.  His point is you can't just say that because it's not true.  YOUR department may teach you not to run but not ALL firefighters are taught that.  

Between my department and 55 Truck's, we have a few thousand firefighters alone.  That's a heck of a lot of people right there who DO run.  Understand yet?

Firefighters don't run, we walk with a purpose... If you get hurt and cant make it to the incident you become part of the problem not the solution.

Be safe...

Life safety, incident stablization, property conservation

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