I am fourteen years old. Please take me seriously. I know I want to be a paramedic, but I want to know what age I have to be to participate in ride-alongs with paramedics from my local Fire Department. If I'm going to do this, I don't want to just do it. I want to experience it (at least a little bit) before the fact. I am not sure if I have to be eighteen or what because I have friends who are working at little snack bars or the library for "work experience". Would this be categorized with that? I have asked this question three times on yahoo answers, but nobody wants to answer it! PLEASE answer!!!


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i did a few ride alongs with a fire dept. but where i live i had to be 18 just due to the nature of the job and liability issues. i hope this helps out a little.
that's what I figured...four more years!
is there anything that I can do now. Any programs or such? My best friend is also interested in becoming a paramedic (hehe. maybe we'll work together), so we were planning on going down to the Fire Department just to get to know the guys there. My other friend lives directly across the street from them, so I kind of know a few of them. I'm ranting. I'm going to shut up.
There is a difference between a dual role(FF/PM) and single role. Your area may have a private EMS company that might allow a ride-a-long earlier than 18.
maybe. I'm going to go to the Fire Department in a couple weeks with my friend to see what's what.
In VA you have to be 15 to join (non riding member) and 16 to ride but you can only ride when certified as an EMT-B (for ems) or firefighter 1 (for fire department). I recommend going to your local Rescue Squad, Ambulance Company, or Fire Department and asking them directly what there rules are. I have heard of places letting 14 year olds join but not ride....they did however get to participate in training classes and squad functions.

If your really serious then take the classes in school that will help you out later on like chemistry, anatomy, join or even start a club with like minded people....in my high school they started a future medics club, see if the trainers for the athletic teams need help....there are tons of things you can be doing now to prepare you for this career you just gotta seek them out.
We had an Explorer who was 15 years old and he rode along with us on all kinds of calls(EMS, fires, etc...). My best advice is to contact your local Fire Department and ask them about the age requirements to ride along. If they do not have a ride along program, contact the local Boy Scouts and ask them about Fire Explorer Posts in your area.
Health and safety is required for only 18 weeks, but I'm going to take it all four years. I'm pulling straight A's is Science for a long time + I do plan on contacting my Fire Department and seeing what I can do at the age I'm at. I just didn't want to call and look like an idiot.
I'm a girl. That'd be really awkward to go to boy scouts.
Check with AMR in your area. I believe they have an explorer post.
The BSA are just the umbrella organization for explorers. Girls ARE welcomed there.
In Texas, I think you have to be 18 to do what you are wanting to do. TDSHS also requires a HIPPA form and a waiver. Ask someone at your local department. They will be able to guide you a little better.

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