I've read a few of these, so I thought I would try doing one myself.

You can smell it coming through the neighborhood. Communications is advising they have received multiple calls. All of the units on the assignment, (4 engines, 2 trucks, 1 rescue squad and a chief), are fully staffed. Engines have three men and special services have 4 men. You can hear the second due engine screaming into the neighborhood a few streets over. You tell your wagon driver the hydrant is in front of 6112. Two houses before the address on the other side of the street.

Anyone care to take it from here?

Tell me anything you would normally do when presented with this situation. For example, radio transmissions, tactical decisions, organization of priorities, considerations...etc.

Please give your input. When the thread seems to burn out, I will tell you what we did. The fire pictures were all taken the night of 7-11-2009. I was on the first arriving wagon, running the line.

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Wow, didn't think I would gave to start here, but ok. There is this finominal invention for the Internet called Google Maps. They drive all over the country, actually the world, taking pictures for their world renowned, Google Street View. The "before" pictures are from there. The rest are curteosy of two ride-alongs with excellent photography skills. If you have anymore questions regarding photos taken at any fire I post, feel free to send me an email and I will schedule you a time to ride with us.
Smells to me like a preplanned training fire
Yeah, I was a little groggy when I made that reply. I'll be more dilligent in my proof reading next time.
Engine "A" arrival, 2 story-woodframe residential, fire showing from b side, heavy smoke. engine a stretches through front door ( search, extinguishment ). Engine B, water supply, back up. Truck A-Ladders and ventilation. Chief-IC. Engine C-RIT, ground ladders. Engine D-Exposures. Rescue-additional sar team. Truck B-To the rear/staging. Many variables with only 25 people. Good practice though.
two story balloon frame structure with heavy fire side brovo. unknown entrapment First due truck VES. first due engine lay out and make entry on the alpha side of the structure. fires knocked hold my first due engine and truck return the rest!
Like most here, the fire appears to be coming from the "B" side so I would go in through the "A" side and do fire attack.

Sorry, but I don't want to use your staffing here, because I'm familiar with our own and how this would come in for us. This would get 3 four man engines, 1 three man truck, 1 2 man rescue squad, 1 battalion chief.

First in rig gives a first in report, from the pictures it is hard to tell if fire was showing upon arrival, either way though first in rig gives first in, 2 story balloon frame wood structure, smoke and flames showing from the "B" side, and establish command. First in engine is fire attack and may or may not secure their own water supply. Second in rig is backup and will secure water if first in doesn't. Truck company will ventilate and rescue will conduct a search of the second floor.

First in engine would probably grab an 1 3/4 pre-connect, enter through the "A" side entry and proceed to the fire. Ladder company takes out the windows and put water on the fire. Second in pump pulls back up line and stages close to the stairs and ready for back up. Rescue does a primary search of the second floor. Third in Pump is RIT.
(while doing a 360)two story balloon frame structure smoke showing from a side smoke and fire showing from b side
engine 1 securing water supply ( since its two houses down from the fire)and strechting a 150 ft handline
engine 1 will be division 1for fire attack
2nd due engine will be division 2 start S&R
3rd due engine start S&R on division 1
1st due truck : ladder up the building
2nd due truck start ventilation
rescue 1 assigned RIT
all personnel beware theres power lines running along B and D sides of the building / dispatch have power company respond

after i would have somebody pull the furniture on the porch on b side , worst case scenario that could be a point of egress , also try and put some lights on the back of the structure just in case , not priorities but could be done by anybody .

after getting back from the fire wash the rig , take a cold shower ,talk about it a bit , kick back and relax!!!

wat do u guys think about the size up ? tell me the truth pls ;)
Yeah, I caught that little slip, too. More embarassing headlines to come? He did say that he was going to "try one of these myself".
Actually (Not that i normally defend anyone) if you look just right at the 3rd pic down for the Delta side, it does have Google across the picture very faint. Other than that, i can not see anything on the others that have Google on them other than the Sat view.
The thing that concerns me though is if you look at the First Action photo you see 2 orange cones on the Alpha side. If you look at the before picture of the Alpha side, guess what; you see 2 cones. Also, if you look closely at the Google photos you will see a For Sale sign right along the Alpha/Delta corner property line. In the Alpha Picture you have a pretty good view of 1/2 the property line with No sign as well as the 4th small Action photo down. But thats just my view on things. There again, i have a bad habit of being the devils advocate.
Being a Truck Officer, who is only occassionally assigned to a Rescue Eng Co, I will try to address this from a Truck Co. point of view. In a perfect world(with enough manpower), we usually respond within seconds of an Eng Co or we arrive together. OK, here we go:

1st due Eng Co: upon arrival, position on the "A-D" corner giving the Eng Co Officer 3 views of the structure and also leaving the "A" open for the Truck Co. The Eng Officer would have command from the interior until the Chief arrived. It looks like the fire is on the "B" side of floor 1 and communicating to floor 2, so the Eng would stretch up to the "A" side with an 1.75 inch attack line with a smoothbore nozzle because it does not seem to be that much fire and may be contained to a room and contents.

1st due Truck Co: upon arrival, position on the "A" side and raise our main to the 2nd floor. The Driver/Operator and outside Vent FF would VES the 2nd floor while I and the Irons FF would make entry for a primary search and to open up for the Eng Co as needed.

1st due Chief: upon arrival, would position in a driveway across the street from the "A" side and immediately conduct a 360 and then establish command on the "A" side.

2nd due Engine Co: establish water supply for the 1st due Eng Co and then stretch a 2nd line from the 1st due Eng to protect the stairs and the interior companies.

Rescue Co: would position on the sidewalk across the street. They would split into 2 teams of two and then make entry for a secondary search.

2nd due Truck Co: uupon arrival, would throw ladders to the 2nd and 3rd floor windows for egress and then would handle ventilation and utilities. it seems like no fire in the attic, so horizontal ventilation may be enough. nonetheless, it would be cooridinated with the 2nd due Truck Officer, the Chief, and the interior companies.

3rd due Eng Co: would establish a line on the "C-D" side and protect exposures if needed as well as monitoring fire conditions for the interior teams and protecting their means of egress.

4th due Eng Co: would report to the Chief as the RIT. They would place lights in all of the door ways and perform another 360.

I would have an ALS bus as part of this Box assignment. They would be positioned out of the way, but close enough to render care to victims and FF's as well.

I would also have a 2nd Chief respond as well to establish either interior command or safety.

After this fire is out, 1 Chief, 1 Truck Co, and 1 Eng Co would remain for overhaul. it does not seem to be that bad of a fire, so all other companies would be released.

If we were the 1st Co on scene, I would give this report, "Dispatch...Truck 3 is on scene at 1234 Main St...We have fire showing on the "B" side floors 1 and 2....Continue the Box response... Truck 3 will have command from the interior...all incoming Companies go to Fireground channel 3."

For all of the FF's and officers who will read this post, please be gentle with me as this is just my best guess at this scenario. But I open the floor for critique. This is not the only way to respond to this scenario, but this is how it works in my area on a perfect day. Thanks

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