How does your dept. handle MVA's? Do you have a rescue truck or do you just use your engine? If you have a rescue, is it light, medium, or heavy? What kind of equpment do you have on it? My dept. runs a medium duty rescue that has an onboard PTO generator that runs pre connected extrication equipment, a 20 ft. telescoping light tower, full sets of lift bags and rams, hand tools, various saws and scene lighting. As well as other tools and water rescue equipment.

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For an MVA we send 1 engine and 1 ambulance....If extrication is needed the closest special service unit is dispatched this being either a Truck Company, or Heavy Squad. We have 5 truck companies and 3 heavy squads all extrication capable.
We regard an MVA as a Still Alarm. We give a Still Alarm a Rescue/Engine and Medic Unit. The Rescue/Engine carries hydraulic extrication tools, air bags, cribbing, etc...We will also roll a Ladder from time to time depending on manpower for traffic control. Plan "A" is for the Medic Unit to lead out and stop just pass the MVA, the Rescue/Engine behind them and stops just short of the MVA(for supression, extrication, stabilization, etc...), and the Ladder last out and stops farther from the MVA and positioned to block as many lanes of traffic as possible. If we need another Medic Unit, we will request a mutual aid company.
We roll both....even today we have some problems with Law enforcement requesting Rescue when both should roll Rescue handles extrication and Pt care...Engine handles Fire supression and has at least 2 people IN PACKS on a charged handline..and they also disable the vehicle and stabilize it as needed......Paul
We operate 2 Rescue Pumpers and a 4x4 tanker out of our station (primary rescue, about a 60klm radius), both pumpers usually get turned out to an MVA in town, or just the scania (and tanker if more crew needed) if its out of town while the Izuzu stays as primary for town jobs. Our rescue pumpers carry a full Holmatro range and are more than equipped for most rescue situations (I think they would be equivelent to your Medium duty rescue, and are also our main fire fighting appliances). We also have heavy rescue trucks and Urban Search and Recue semi trailors for large scale or difficult rescue.
Cheers, Chris
Being able to run foam from a deck gun sounds pretty cool. Our 2nd due engine is older and has a deck gun but no foam system. The frontline engine is newer and has A and B foam but no deck gun.
Our standard dispatch is an Engine and our Light Rescue and typically the chief will also respond. Then may also see a staff vehicle with a couple firefighters for support and traffic control.

In the winter, we may run our type 6 brush truck in place of our engine since it's a 4x4.
It's a engine then our heavy rescue. At times our ems truck will come also not all the time though.
We carry a basic set of Jaws on both of our Engines. We had a Rescue truck which was rehabbed by a bunch of our members. It came out really nice and was fully equiped with Tech-rescue equioment. The powers that be however thought we should make room for another Ambulance though so the truck is gone.
We respond with these 2 truck
This truck has gen set,casscade system, 2 complete set of air bags, jaws and cutters both run off the back along with anthor cutter and an omni tool run off the officers sides, hand tools and enough cribbing to build a house.And an engine

Those are some real nice lookin trucks ya got there
We are an outlaying rule array, for most signal vehicle accidents we respond with a light rescue and our primary pumper (engine), for anything more then a singe vehicle MVA we response two light rescues and up to 3 pumpers, as we don’t have are own heavy hydraulics so we relay upon anther fire department fore heavy’s, thro an automatic aid agreement for costs.
mva with minor injury, out of the roadway, meet pd, gets ambulance only
mva in roadway, gets ambulance and heavy rescue
mva w/ entrapment, ejection, on fire, or rollover, gets ambulance, heavy rescue, engine company, chief

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