Do any of your departments reimburse volunteers for their shifts they work and if so what is the rate. My dept. pays you for the 12 hours you work since we have a sleeper program and we are staffed 24/7. It is offically reimbursement for meals and uniforms.

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Careful how you phrase it. You are reimbursed for expenses. But you are not paid for "the 12 hours you work" .

I know it's semantics, but to the IRS, if you are "paid", your department is liable for withholding, SS and Medicare taxes, and must issue a 1099 at the end of the year. There are a couple of departments nearby which were spanked by the IRS because of terminology.

We have a reimbursement program for night time volunteer coverage. I think it is around $35 per 12hr shift.
We do not have any station duty shifts on our department, but when we go to a call we make a mind numbing $2.14/hr.

I am really not complaining. I would do this job for $1.87/hr but do not tell our chief!

Actually, if you consider the insurance savings from not relying on the town 10 miles down the road, there are certain financial benefits.
You are correct. I am on duty for 12 hours and I am reimbursed for my meals and uniform expense. It is the same amount for day or night shift and all ranks receive the same amount.
We get 8.50/hour on a fire call paid only at the end of the year. We get 3.00 to attend the meetings. The city took control over our volunteer station a few years ago. so they are responsible for work comp liability, taxes all that good stuff. Out of all the departments in our county we are the least paid department. some are around 12.00/hour on a call. To our department its not the about the money. Many wish to do it without a check, but the city needs the write off of payroll. It more political then anything.
We get paid for 24 hours of ride time,drill nights and call backs.Pretty much beer money. But I'm not in it to get rich. I have a full time gig that supports the family. This is how I give back to the community I live in. Also, I love it.
As a volunteer firefighter I get $5.00 per alarm response, and for attending trainings. The amount goes up for officers, but I'm not sure by how much. We get paid quarterly, but I have to admit I was surprised to get anything, in my interview with the chief when I applied he asked me what volunteer meant to me and I replied "free".
We used to get $5. a call until 09. The city started giving us 1099s to fill out because there city attorney said it was illeagal to pay us for the calls. Some were making $300 to 500 a quarter. So some of the guys were mad because they didnt, ( well you need to be ENVOVLED ). But it is like you said we would really do this for nothing, just love doing it. We started our pension which is great now because like myself having 18 yrs in the dept really adds up. The city is happy since they are not paying anymore for services except our paid guys. I can remember getting $.30 for calls. Keep the faith.
Paid volunteers?????
Reimbursement for food and gas money for out of town trainings, I can understand. But getting XXdollars per hour kinda strikes me funny. Here, as a recruitment enhancer, we get one lump sum at the end of the year in the form of a tax credit. Nothing big or substantial by any means, just a little "here's something for your wear and tear and time".
I really like all of the input from everyone. We are a city of 30,000 and we run 2,000 calls a year. So we reimburse for our shifts to try and keep some people around. It isn't much and only the college kids who spend all of their free time at the station make any real money the rest of us who work full time help out where we can.
For years here we have had a "fuel reimbursment" program. We have $3000 a quarter in a pool. Everytime the volunteers go to training, meeting, or response they sign in. Then at the end of the quarter we total up these trainings, meetings, and responses. Then it is divided by 3000 and gives a dollar value to each point. The volunteers then get that dollar value for all of their responses. On the average the points are worth about $1.75-$2.25 a piece. The really active vollies would get upwords of $300 a quarter.
Now this has changed. Now the vollies had to fill out W-2s and the Govenor is determined to get their part too. This has caused some issues some of the volies. I really can't blame them.
Be safe and learn something new today.
We get something like 11 dollars a Call. Be in one minute, to 5 hours. At 5 hours it rounds up to another call. We get paid every 6 months.
If you get paid per call, paid per training, per hour, paid an annual stipend, whatever... you are no longer a volunteer firefighter around the northeast. Around my way, it ranges from $10-15 per hour while on a call or training. Time of tone until you are released. If you are on a busy fire department, upwards to 800-1000 calls per year and are active, you make a decent amount of money in a year. W-2's and IRS taxes are deducted as you are per diem employee.

You are called a (POC)- Paid On Call Firefighter.

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