Recently our department was added a small fuel refinery. Which of course added some new problems for a volunteer fire department. The refinery has stated they would help pay for most of our new equipment to help protect it: high angle rescue, new pumper and training, and foam; but our problem is we know the type of rescue equipment we need, but the new truck is kinda up in the air.... My self and a few others have knocked the idea of maybe an ARFF truck with a 2000 + gpm pump water is not a problem at this location less than 1/4 a mile from a river. So thats why I thought maybe looking at an older arff or refurbed truck for some reasons: the pump, the truck mounted nozzles, big enough to hold all of the necessary gear for the location. We are the only location for 100+ miles in any direction with a refinery like this. As always any input would be greatly appreciated

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oh almost forgot one of the most important reasons i suggest the truck FOAM capibilities dry powder systems, This location is open 24/7 with trucks coming and going hourly. there are 4 tanks at 70+ feet high and 100+ feet wide at the moment and talks they are bringing in twice the number in the coming future, between this truck and a telesquart are high on my list but the department usually shoots the idea of any ladder mounted truck i dont really know why we have tons of use for one i do understand some of our streets are narrow but it sure would be nice
a refurb sounds good and would be less costly, then use the money saved to train the crews, or maybe add more equipment.
very true thankfs for the place to start
sweet how did u get in on that
Is this an ethanol plant??

We have one going up 15miles from us and this is what I know; you’re going to need foam and lots of it, ARFFF and I’m talking semi tankers. If you can get a new truck from them great as long as it can pump foam. They should also have strategically placed hydrants through out the facility with BIG water capabilities.
there is unleaded mid grade super unleaded diesel and one ethanol tank With talk of expansion in a year. yea i totally agree about semi tankers the next closest department i think is Memphis and i know they have some awesome foam semi tenders. our site has enough foam for only one tank.... the hydrants are supplied by emergency pumps inside the site but the access point is less than 1500 feet from the tank this site does have its own lake were the water comes from to supply the hydrant and is also connected via large diameter pipe to a river but the problem is the pumping station and foam house are super close to the tanks so if it does go to hell in a hurry its going to be one of those to remember
That's cool how many tanks? So far we only have four tanks at our site. 1 Diesel, 1 high grade unleaded, 1 mid grade, 1 unleaded, 1 mixing tank and there are plans to expand this site. I agree totally about the foam.... To bad we don't have anywhere close to having enough the site does have a foam unit with 2500 gallons of foam.... only enough for one tank. It also has emergency fire plugs on site ran off emergency pumps, and the water comes from the sites pond and our river system. The closest department with possibly the accurate amount of foam would be Memphis, Tennessee over 90 miles away. There department does have two foam tender semi trailers, and will be called.

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