What is the most important thing you have at a fire scene? And why?

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Your brain and your training.....nuf said

Situational awareness, another way of saying what John said, in order to keep your folks safe.

Dedication and free water and food.

Water to drink or water to put out the fire?

Maybe should be What is the most important tool you have on the fire ground and why?

Honestly, Derek,

I understand your point here, you are looking to spur conversation in regards to specific type of things. Regardless I hold firm to my first accounts because if not for those, then you may find yourself behind the curve. If looking for specific tools, again, it truly does depend, especially in regards to assignment.


For me, personally, I love the irons. I love the versatility they provide and the multitide of uses. I dislike, now, pulling a halligan with me, if I have a handline, I find an axe better suited. I like the irons for investigative purposes, along with a water can. Yet, the situation and arrival should deem the tool best suited and thus, goes back to brain and training. If looking for fire due to a smells and bells and ou are on a truck, then perhaps a closet hook is better suited. It also depends on  what other members of the company grab, because all should have a tool/

Here's my top three:

1) Charged line

2) Charged line

3) Charged line

The why should be obvious. Without water all of those other tools might as well stay on the rig.

I liked your first response fine. I was hoping to get some of these others on here to answer up. Your brain and training are important things to have with you. I guess everyone must think this is a trick question or something. There really is no right or wrong answer; but I suppose it doesn't ask how many flipping lights do you have on your POV so they  just can't think of anything.      The best thing us older fireman can teach these younger guy's is how to safe their bacon and become a old fireman to. Guess they think when they respond and you question their answer they think we are picking on them or something. I love the irons to personally.

Water is a great thing to have. Agreed!

What if you're on the truck or rescue?  haha

I have to admit I thought it was a trick question and was waiting for someone else to chime in. 

Sooo..... I guess PPE, hydrant wrench, and a spanner.  I can get a lot of work done with those things.  My personal favorites are the usual, pike pole, halligan and an axe. 

Nothing is going to get done until firemen show up, so I'll say:


Trained Firemen

Properly Trained Firemen

And as John first pointed out, bringing a brain.

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