How many of you that are part of some kind of emergency service and have your
conceal carry? And then how do you deal with carrying? For example I am
a volunteer fireman and medical first responder. When I go on medical
calls I don't take my gun off. When I go on a fire call I have a holster
in my truck I put it in and lock up my truck or if leaving from home I
leave it there.

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Don't have conceal carry here yet, but with the new govenor and legislature, I can see it coming. Plain and simple though we have a NO FIREARMS order in the firehouse. This means you don't bring weapons inside the firehouse, let alone on a call. Quite frankly I see no reason to carry a weapon on any call, be it medical or fire, unless you are a police officer.
When Colorado opened up the CCW laws, made it okay to open carry, also easier to obtain the permits. My department strengthened the "No Weapons Policy". No Fire Arms were allowed on Fire Department property, with the exception of Certified Law Enforcement personnel, on duty. Firefighters, were not allowed to carry on duty either, it was made clear, we save lives, not take them.
I am volunteer, and I dont want this to get into a why have weapon or not thing. If you conceal carry you have your weapon on you pretty much at all times. Just looking for how many do have and how they deal with it on or going to different types of call. I understand if your full time that conceal carry is not an option. I did not think to include that in the original posting and I apologize for that.
I am a great beleiver in the 2nd amendment and the right to conceal carry. Which seems weird to a lot of my friends as I come from the UK and they all thought we were all anti-gunners etc. I got my CHL a couple of years ago and I have only just recently purchased my first fire arm. But, working in and around FF and EMTs, I do not beleive that there is a place for concealed carry on a fire truck or an ambulance. Especially on the ambulance where you come across many more mentally unstable people and if they saw a piece sticking out of somewhere, they might be inclined to grab for it. If you are thinking about that, then you cannot fully do your job.

Other wise carry until your heart is content.
If you lock it in your truck on fire calls, why wont you do it on medical calls?

On my department, a CCP makes no difference. NO WEAPONS, ie firearms, on department property including POVs. They are not allowed on calls.
Being a volunteer a lot of times I make calls in my POV. I lock it because I know if there is a working fire I do not want ammo in turn out gear. Also as an after thought was states do yall live in?
I have a conceal carry and the reason has nothing to do with this line of work. Which most CCW people I meet have no clue about lethal force justification laws, training, etc. And implementing it has absolutely nothing to do wth our services either. You are essentially a liability to your organization. Why would you need it on an emergency call unless you were a cop.

We have a department policy of no weapons in the station - immediate dismissal.
So I take it then you do not carry at all, which is basically all I am asking.
I carry mine everywhere BUT on calls. I always lock it up before going on a run. I've got enough to do on calls without adding another major worry.
We are not allowed to carry at all when in the function as a firefighter/EMT period. I am with Norm, when I go to work I am "scheduled" and therefore leave it in my truck while working.

George, I have to ask why do you feel you need to carry all the time except when you go interior at fires?
I'm all in favour of concealed carry, but there is a world of difference between carrying as a private citizen vs. carrying as a public safety officer. On a fire-truck, you are a government representative, and the government is liable for your actions. You should not be armed any more than a librarian or road worker.

It would be a good idea to have a dedicated lockers in the station if a lot of your members carry. Look at what the cops have outside of jail, a series of lockers for each officer to stow his handgun, and he takes the key with him so it is secure. I hate the idea of leaving it in the parking lot in your POV, that's an invitation to disaster.
George, I have my CWP and carry regularly, except on a call. SOP's say no firearms on dept grounds or emergency scenes, and that is the way it is.

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