I'm looking in to getting the Bourke eyeshield attachment and goggles to go on my helmet over the standard face shield.
I would like to get some feedback on the Bourke eyeshield with goggles.

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thanks for the input
I agree with Damnthing
I have bourkes, and I do like them (can't really see much through them anymore) but, I've noticed that they don't sheald heat as well as a standard shield in large defensive attacks. I also noticed that just after a couple interior attacks, they seem to blacken darker, and quicker than the standard shields. Could be wrong, but that's what I've experienced with mine.
Chief supply sells a nomex wrap for goggles that works great, it keeps them from getting damaged and is cheap.
It's pretty funny the number of people who responded to this that like bouke's but can't see through them. They are a waste of money and the only reason for them is fashion. Get safety glasses and googles. Keep them protected when you are not using them so you can use them when needed. If you want to be fashionable call up Tyra and be America's next top model.
Was wondering when this would come up, took all the bourkes off our helmets last year and got the ESS's to replace them. Never was to crazy bout the flip down shields. I still get a kick out of the kids that show up on calls with shinny new helmets and melted bourkes, straight outta moms oven..............
I've got a clear set on one of my helmets and love them also. Just a reminder ever with a mask on you need to remember to flip them down when you enter a hot fire. The heat will made to sheilds soft and they will drup. I seen many brand new helmet and training burns shot because they were not drop down. Just remember that Bourke's alone do not meet NFPA requirements.
they do have some that meet NFPA and go up to 300 deg.
They are drooped
I couldn't say. I like the new Carns helmet that the eye shield are between the helmet and bump liner, they seem to be alittle more protected, don't own one , but have seen them used...
I prefer the faceshield to anything else. I feel a little more protected with it than anything else, due in part to the tall collar i have on my coat, so I can position a certain way and have complete coverage of my face. Faceshields, in my opinion also give a little more coverage from the everpresent water splash back. But I guess really it comes down to what you are most comfortable with, which works best for your needs.
Well i have the goggles on mine im a truckie so i do more roof work but the mask is always close by when i need it
Bourke's are a waste of money. I have 3 leather helmets with them on. The first helmet I put them on. They were clear when I put them on, they are now black and you can't see thru them. I used this helmet for about 15 years, it is now retired. The only reason the other 2 helmets have them on is because they were on when I bought the helmet. Put your money in safety glasses or goggles.

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