We all have those days where nothing goes the way we want, but what do you remember the most about being a probie and screwing up? I'll start.

I have been in the fire service for nine years (vounteer) when I finally reached my lifetime goal of going full time ( keep in mind this was only six months ago). I was on the job for about six days, and were doing hose line evolutions. As the new guy I was up first. The Lt. told me to bleed the air from the line before we started. So I turned around away from everybody ( didn't want to accidently spray anyone, and was very nervous around all the new people) and proceeded to "crack" the line to bleed it. Little did I know, the line had been used prior with foam, and the nozle was fogged all the way out. When I opened it, foam shot out ( almost 90 degrees from me) and shot my Captian ( 32 yrs in the service) from his feet to his head. He was so mad, I thought I was gong to be fired! Now my whole shift jokes around about it, but it was hard to live it down. Needless to say, I alway am checking the pattern on the nozle before it is opened.

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I think my biggest probie ooops was crashing the engine into the station. I had just been released from junior to probie and hadn't had much experience driving the apparatus. I had pulled the engine out of the station for whatever reason ( I don't remember now). When it was time to back it in, I had it too far to the officer's side so I pulled it back out to try it again. While pulling out, I turned to the driver's side real hard. That made the rear swing over and I caught the whole side of the truck in the door way. Not alot of damage to either the truck or the door. It bent the corner of the tailboard up a little and made it a bitch to get the ladders off of the side. But I think that was my biggest probie oops.

Stay safe!!!
Just a couple weeks out from passing firefighter 1 when we had a structure. The OIC pointed at me and told me to suit up to go in. I was so nervous and excited to make my first entry and I proceeded to put my SCBA on upside down. They don't work very well that way! I finally got it right and still got to go in, but I will never forget that.

well lets just say when your drivin code 3 hauling ass and no one will get the hell out of the way sirens going and they just look at you like why do you have your siren on until i pulled up to the scene and looked at the police car infront of me and thought i dont see the reflection of my lights OH SHIT i reached down and flipped the master on and no one was the wiser until i told them what happened

needless to say i didnt do that again

Knock on wood
My biggest probie screw up was when we were doing extracation practice and we were practicing "breaking glass" and well someone didn't really understand it so I took my BodyGard 5 in 1 Emergency tool and walked over to a pick up truck to show another probie how to use the tool to break glass and I said "breaking glass" and well I ended up breaking the window out and needless to say it was Chief's truck and oh boy was it a cold day in hell at the fire house...lol.
Great posts! Hope everyone can now look back and laugh at what has happened!

Stay safe out there
Timothy, my first week on the Department we were experiencing a major storm. 150 mph winds and heavy rain. We spent the afternoon and evening helping people with broken windows, flooding, blown off roofs and electrical problems. On one occasion I was opening one of the bay doors for the water tender to go out on a call. I had the door all the way up. As the truck started to pull out of the bay the bay door started to come back down. (who knows why). I stood there completely helpless as the exhaust stacks of the truck took out the bottom section of the door and keep on going. When everyone got back after that call the Chief called everyone into the meeting room and proceeded to chew backside of the officers. I raised my hand and said it was my fault not the officers. He completely ignored me and went on haranguing the officers. The next day the Chief got fired. I got a call from the City Manager requesting me to come and and see him. I was sure I was going to be in trouble. Ended up just telling me why they had fired the Chief and what they were going to do to appoint a new Chief. Phew! I was un-employed at that time. I ended up getting a job with the City water department from that little talk with the City Manager. 12 years latter I was appointed to the Chiefs position and two years latter I was made full time paid Chief. It all good!
Mine was allot less dramatic. We went on a call for a water leak in a house. It turned out to be a problem with the water heater. The senior man on the call sent me out to get the tool box because he needed pliers. I had not learned where everything was yet and opened every compartment on the engine trying to find the tool box. When I finally did, he met me on the front steps and told me he borrowed a pair from the homeowner. When we got back to the station, he was up one side of me and down the other about learning my equipment and not looking like a fool on scene.
they should have showed you when you started thats what truck checks are for
I used to stutter. If you met me now you wouldn't know it because I talk all the time, when I was younger I would stutter especially when nervous.
Well we had a field fire and the chief let me ride the seat. We got there and couldn't find anything so all I had to say was 301 10-2 unfouunded 10-19...easy huh..well no so muuch. It went something like this...3-3-3-305 I mean 3 zero zero..huh 302 no 304 um um um um um I mean 3-3-3, by this time the chiefs eyes were wide with amazement and he grabbed the radio out of my hand and said what he had to say. I just sat in the engine for like 5 minutes when we got back. Even worse I had fire school the next day. It seems everyone was listening to the radio that day.
I should have done more self studying on my equipment. I probably was show where the tool box was at some point, but being new, and having 5 rigs to learn, I forgot. It was still my mistake to make.

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