I don't know if this has been addressed in future forums or not but I need some feed back on what other departments require their members to wear as a mininum during auto extrication and opions on rescue gloves vs. fire gloves during extrication.

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Tim, our crews wear full PPE. Thats turn-out pants an jackets, Boots, Helmets, Hi-Vis vest and gloves. For those actually doing extrication we allow them to purchase Ringers Extrication gloves or they use the Firefighting gloves we provide. Otherwise all gear/PPE is issued them or they arnt part of my organization.
This is a silly post... Auto is misspelled in the title and everyone knows about basic OSHA PPE requirements before even thinking about getting on an engine... Or should.

Look online for both basic fed OSHA standards and language as well as the basic NFPA suggested ensemble for both structural and woodland PPE. Your department SOG's should reflect this language, following nationally recognized standards (NFPA), which again dictates use of complete PPE. The gloves upgrade to a rescue glove type dependent on your jurisdiction generally does not allow firefighters to provide their own PPE because of liability concerns.

If you want to upgrade gloves for example, the fire chief needs to provide in writing a policy allowing firefighters to provide their own gloves (PPE). The risk here for the department is if there is an injury or death that was causative due to a non-departmental issued piece of equipment. Big picture workers comp post injury involves non fire department personnel that are paid to protect someone else's fiscal liability issues, not yours.

Bottom line is for firefighters to only use department provided PPE to protect yourself. To not do so, even though you might have the right intentions could backfire on you, leaving you in a very unpleasant financial situation. This is why we follow OSHA PPE guidelines to the letter hence me giving you a hard time by calling this post kind of silly. But then again, I live in the litigation capital... Southern California. You learn here to always expect the unexpected and play by all the rules. Company officers are expected to fully understand these comments and rules that we enforce when supervising our firefighters...
No one knows if this has been addressed in FUTURE forums, how could they the future is in the future. I think you meant past forums. Do what Capt. Busy says, follow OSHA, NFPA or your State standard if you have one. If you look in past forums you will see this has been discussed many times.
Note: The computer spellcheck changed wildland to woodland. There is a difference...
We use full PPE + high visibility vests.

Nowadays we are looking for gloves that can be used for firefighting and extrication. We are looking at ESKA Hercules-e gloves.


We tried gloves from various producers, and we had problems with lining, when you try to pull out wet hand. The dealer guarantees that it is not possible to turn over the inside lining. The practice gives the best results, so we'll see in future if the proclaim is truth.
For any auto accident our guys wear full PPE including Hi-Vis vests. As for gloves, we were allowed to purchase on our own Ringers or Shelby extrication gloves.

Cpt. Busy, our dept. finally put some very critical issues in writing, and it is good you brought this up. As of now it is in the dept. SOP's and SOG's that any member may personally buy any piece of PPE they feel necessary. However, all gear must meet or exceed quality and compliance compared with the standard county issued gear. Before being put into service, all personally purchased gear must be inspected and approved by the Asst. Chief or Chief.

This has allowed for a number of us to get nicer gear than the county can afford, while still keeping compliance. I personally have purchased a new helmet as the issued one had seen its fair share of action, and I wanted to make sure what was on my head would eventually protect it to the best of its abilities. The same with structural boots and truck belts etc.

CYA is now the name of the game,
Level 2 TurnOut gear, structural helmets, boots, fire gloves (standard issue PPE) and P3 masks when managing glass. Our TurnOut gear is high-visibility anyway, which removes the need for reflective vests that can create (as far as I am concerned) an additional hazard.
Full PPE except utility gloves instead of fire gloves. I wear medical gloves under my leather gloves for extra BSI protection.
Sorry for the misspelled words!! I am familiar with what should be worn, but this post is more of a tool to address debates within are department. The main discussion has been the issue of the gloves. Why are they even producing extrication gloves if the do not provide the protection for blood borne pathogens?? I know they are coming out with gloves that do as well as meet NFPA guidelines but they are still a bulky glove with less mobility. In the state of Ohio we do not have to follow OSHA guidelines due to being a vollie dept. but we still have to follow the Bureau of Workers Comp that adopts certain sections of the NFPA guidelines. So i recon the biggest questions is the glove issue.
Full turnouts boots/pants/jacket/helmet/safety glasses/extrication gloves or structure gloves (firefighter choice both are issued by the department) some like the thinner gloves some don't. We do have hi-vis vests on the truck but we don't have any primary roads in our area so at this time not required but we do have them.
The NFPA does not keep up with the new products, but they will eventually. You department should address new products, if they work for you and your department then go for it.
Gregory, there are at least two ways to find out if this has been addressed in FUTURE forums:

1) Look into your crystal ball, focus your gaze on the future forums, and read them.

2) Build a time machine and ride it into the future, then check out the forums.

Or...you could simply disprove Einsteinian physics, but that would be too much like work.

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