Veiw this power point it is very helpful if you have any questions im sure this will answer some of your questions!

I hope it helps and enjoy!

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Thanks! Will definitely use it at training sometime.
i just came across this thanks for shareing this with us
great information, the only thing I would do is to break down the slide with the big paragraph into at least 2-3 seperate slides. Visually it is very hard to read and take in that much information on one slide. No sense making it harder for the guys to comprend.

What was that we learned in instructor class . . . no more than 6 lines per slide. This one has 19 lines.

But very good pictures that illustrates a very serious threat to us.
Excellent information thanks to all involved
Good pictures. These FF's are blessed to still be here. The pictures certainly bring home the importance of full PPE
Thanks very much for sharing the PPT. It will help make us safer.
This powerpoint has been around for a while and heavily debated before. I am curious though, from all who said it was a great learning tool... What did you learn? Obviously FF Mumie wearing all of his gear properly saved his life. But your supposed to wear it that way aren't you? So what did you really learn?

The first slide with the smoke conditions as he entered are screaming ensuing flashover. Using a ventilation profile assessment, the smoke is not favorable for VES Operations and clearly state "untenable to the non-protected civilian" Scientifically what you are seeing is Black Fire.

Like I said, what did you learn from this powerpoint? Was it you have just a few seconds to perform VES or was it that you should probably not enter in these conditions?
I was thinking the same thing FETC. I failed to see what could be learned, unless you were a new firefighter. We all know through various trainings and here on FFN the flashovers are very hot and suvivability is nil for an occupant. the rest of the powerpoint was a bunch of pictures that showed the damage to his gear. Mind you, the pictures were interersting to see, but was not a teaching tool. Indeed it was a close call for him, but like fetc mentioned, the conditions didn't provide a safe means of posible rescue.
The work involved in putting the presentation together was great, and this would make a good addition to flashover trainings to show what can happen if......
Everone should be wearing full ppe in a structure fire anyways, right. Maybe add this presentation in a training on reading smoke.
They showed this powerpoint in the flashover simulator class I just went to this weekend. I agree that it was a good tool for the new guys. It also fit well with what they were teaching, since the day was all about flashovers. But, the entire theory of Risk a lot to save a lot definitely applies here. The conditions did not dictate that there was going to be a survivable condition for any occupants here. This was completely avoidable in the first place.
WOW!!!! That guy had someone looking out for him.

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