How many of you carry a personal bag on the truck with extra stuff or personal specialty equipment? 
What's in it? Not a turnout bag but smaller. 

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I do have a small tote bag that I keep with me to hold some stuff. We are issued hearing protection (muffs), safety glasses, safety vest, wildland coveralls. Just some of that stuff is a pain to carry around with you from station to station etc.

So, I have a small duffel/tote....a comp gift from my credit union.....I keep 2 pair of clear safety glasses in it for EMS calls (I also have some in turnouts, but tend to get scratched, so I want good ones for EMS). I have safety sunglasses for daytime responses. I keep my safety vest, wildland coveralls, ear muff hearing protection, some basic cheap work gloves and my ESS goggles in the bag. (I prefer safety glasses vs goggles, but have to have the goggles, and I don't like having them attached to my I keep them in my bag). There is also an extra flashhood and pair of warm socks for winter if I need to change out on a scene.


Such a tote is nice t have, keeps your stuff together and lessens chance of forgetting someting or at least have a spare, in case you forgot something at another station. Most guys who work here have such a tote.

I use to carry and when I get back on will carry again what everyone use to call my "Man Bag" on the truck.  It switched between a small duffel bag and an airforce pilot helmet bag.  Inside the bag I always carried extra hoods, gloves, wedges, my mask, and in the winter would add a couple winter caps and hand warmers.  Plus I carry an assortment of mini tools, rope, webbing, carabiners and so on that way depending on the type of call I was going on I could switch out pockets and that way it didnt way down my gear on every call.


Also it never fails someone forgets something at the firehouse, it has happened to all of us.  So its always there if guys need another hood or gloves or wedges themselves.  I also carry enough hand warmers for about 20 guys in one of the pockets so those nice winter mornings they could keep us all warm.   

I carry a small duffel bag on my carreer FD, my SCBA facepiece bag is attached to this bag.  Inside my duffel bag I carry a t-shirt, a pair of socks, and extra hood, 2 extra pairs of gloves, leathe choppe mitts with wool liners, my sunglasses, my ems glasses, safety glasses, city maps, a couple of bottles of water, granola bars, and hand sanitizer.  To me this is a great advantage for me and many others on the job ae doing it to now.


i have one too, i keep eye protection, hearing protection, N95 mask, set of allen keys(for pull stations) fold up flat & phillips screw driver, wire cutters, storm whistle-(trust me get one its the loudest and beats shouting) i also cheat and keep some rain x no fog in it too, it drives the other guys nuts that my mask dont fog up while disconnected-lol, sprinkler / door wedges spare flashlight

Great stuff guys! The reason I started this topic is because I have just invested in one myself. Got the idea from my engineer who has one. I have a few things but was wondering what ya'll had to see if I could get some ideas. Hopefully this will help others too.

Why would there be 50 bags on the truck?  You do realize that we aren't all volunteers right?  There's actually a TON of reasons why someone would have their own bag.  During the summer I'll change my shirt throughout the day if I'm sweating through everything.  I might want to change my shirt after a fire.  We run 15-25 calls each tour of duty.  Sometimes it can be hard to make it back to the fire house due to the calls that keep coming in.  You also might want some food or water.  We miss meals all of the time when the city is busy.  Maybe some spare gear like gloves or a hood since your other set might be soaking wet after a fire.  The list goes on.

In Washington, DC we are all required to carry a "GO" back.  It's a small black bag with things like a respirator, class B suit, gloves, etc which is all sealed and ready to use if needed do to us being the #1 target city for a terrorist attack.  There's plenty of room in the bag so I use it for extra tshirts(well I did when we had a normal fire chief that let us wear them), granola bars, water, extra gloves, hood, other random things I might need in case we leave for a run in the morning and never make it back for a break.

If you have 4 guys on an engine and the bags are getting in the way there is a problem.  Use to ride on a call dept and when we would go out on the truck with a 4 man engine company we each had our personal bags and we had tons of room left over in the truck.  You just have to know how to pack and store the bags.  If your not organized of course they are going to be a pain in the ass.  But if you can organize them, and store them correctly you could have a full engine, ladder, ambulance whatever company it maybe and have plenty of room still. 

Naughty irish leprechaun,


While YOUR FD may carry all that spare stuff on your rig OURS don't.  We are assigned safety glasses, ems glasses, safety vests, and ear plugs.  WE are responsible for having that equipment with us and you will not find any spares on the engine or truck if you forgot yours.  If you want a spare hood or spare gloves you had better bring your own because you won't find any on the rig.


When our shift is over we take our bag off the rig and stow it in our locker.  I also carry a duffel bag on my volly FD that contains much of the same gear.  It stays in my locker when I am not on the rig.


I think you have a completely distorted image of what we are talking about.  We are not talking about a gea bag sized bag, my duffel bags are about 12 x 18 x 8.  It doesn't take up much room and offers a great benefit for me. 

I have small bag that I carry on whatevr rig I'm on. It has some extra gloves, small tools, socks, shirt, and some granola bars in it. I set it up differently for winter and summer, because I don't really need hand warmers in the summer. It is a nice thing to have handy for those that stuff that you like to have available,but that you don't want in your bunkers. I think that the granola bars have probably been the most used on those long scenes.

Agreed.  It doesn't take up much room and most fire departments have 3-5 people on a truck at a time.  When their shift is over, it comes off.

I'm also not sharing my glasses, ear plugs, etc with others.  We have our own.  I have my own custom uniform that I have to wear as well.  If I change shirts I'm not putting someone else's on.

I keep a small backpack with a spare hood, gloves, socks, and shirt. Then I also keep cliff bars, small towel, gum, and 2-1 quart nalgene bottles with instant coffee and gatorade. It works well with extended operations on the engine, rescue, and wildland rigs.

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