Recently in my department an event from someone's past(almost 20yrs ago) was brought up and they were removed from the department. I did some checking and tallked with this person and found out that what happend with this person was when they were 17 years old and they haven't been in any type of trouble since.. In my opinion this should have been left where it was, in his past and he should not have been removed from the department. I was just wondering what some of you other guys think.


Out of respect for this mans privacy I will not say what his past was, just that it was a long time ago and I don't think it should stop him now.

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I would think it depends on what kind of trouble the man was involved in! Without that information, it would be hard press to make an opinion. I know you stated you would not reveal what the trouble was, but you really cant expect a whole lot!
I'm with Rusty and Ralph in that it would depend on what the incident was, but would add that what the person has done with their life since would influence my opinion also.
I have talked with this person since reading your responses, he told me I could let you know some thing buthe still wants his past to stay there, so here's the way it went

at 17 he was charged with a sex offense and could not beat the accusation so he took a plea bargain, did his time and followed the rules

since then he has not had any trouble what so ever with the law, other than some traffic tickets,he took and passed the EMT-B class and was issued a liscense by the state, and has been trying to put his past behind him and be more of a respectful member of his community but now his past has come up again to bite him in the ass

honestly guys, I am worried that this may have a bad affect on him, he seems to be becoming more distant and secluded and I am worried he may get into a depressive state and not come out of it, does anyone have any suggestions for me to be able to help him keep it together until things can be resolved
thanks Ralph
Kinda hard to give a real arguement one way or the other but I totally understand the privacy issue. My first question would be if he lied about what happened. Our department asks if an applicant has ever been convicted of a crime. The 2nd thing would be knowing the severity of the trouble.
Now knowing the charge, and since the person has not been in any trouble since then, it should of stayed in the past.

It is one thing to have full knowledge of the offense, it is another to act upon it.
One of my instructors in fire academy IS a registered sex offender.

He and his classmates streaked the town rivals football game at the age of 17 (adult in texas). Hes I think 50 now.
Had something very similar happen a few years ago. All of us officers had a meeting and discussed our options. We chose to remove the individual from the department. We brought him in and explained how it would be putting him and the department in a possible bad situation. He agreed. Even if your friend is not guilty, he is a registered sex offender and all it would take is one allegation. Then his life goes from bad to worse.
Joe and others,

In many states, with certain felony crimes, the "juvenile" is often times tried as an adult. Whereas in juvenile cases, the records can be sealed, and in most cases not discoverable after the child turns 18. If the 17 year old is tried, convicted, and sentenced as an adult, then it can be be discovered by even a simple background check. A conviction also usually includes deferred adjudication even if all the terms of the probation are met.

I don't know about this individual case or if this is what occurred, but being under age doesn't necessarily cause the record to vanish just because someone turns 18.
How does mentioning what he did invade any privacy issues...Like we know everyone in the world...."Aha, I knew Billy-Bob did couldn't be anyone else." Use your can post a response to this without knowing what he did......DUH...!!! If it was a Felony...Sorry you lost my vote....if it was child deserve to be beaten senseless and then hurt really badly....Paul
so then if I understand what you are saying, as long as someone that gets in trouble with the law, as long as it is only a misdemeanor they are still a good person, but if they are charged with a felony then they should be permanently condemened and can or shall not be allowed to be a productive member of society, if this is indeed what you meant sir then you are a very closed minded individual that should really check your own self worth. people can and do change, some for the bad and some for the good. this person is a friend of mine and has not shown me any reason to not trust him and what he says, from what I have been ablee to find out about him he is a very decent man that should be given every chance to prove himself and his past should be left alone
OK smartass...lets put it this way....What did he do...? If it isn't that big of a deal then I will be the first to say....Hell yes, welcome....A simple DWI as a young person can be a can armed robbery, Rape, Murder, Sex abuse of a Minor..and I can go on and on...the whole idea of "paying for a crime" is 1st off admitting that a wrong was done....Isn't that the reason that crimes are kept record of...? If you can post something like this and leave out the crime committed how can you expect anyone to be "open minded"...? In my years I have seen both good and bad...I have given trust to many..sometimes with good results and sometimes with is full of learning....put up or shut up......There I said my fill....I have nothing further to say unless more information is provided......Paul

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