What other types of calls do you go on besides fire?  Here are some that I have been on.

Gas odor investigation  (one turned out to be a skunk)

Elevator entrapment

CO detector (some are gases given off by a battery being charged)

Smoke detector beeping (2:00 A.M low battery)

Assist the Police (laddering a building looking for burglars)

Smoke investigation ( diesel engine starting, dryer vent in cold weather)

Ambulance calls

Transformer fire ( reflection of a light in the rain)

Water in the house ( residents on vacation when pipe burst)

Electrical arcing (electric shut off to house, resident tried to use coat hangar to bypass meter)


Animals in chimneys

Gas leaks

Gasoline spills

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All in a days work Ladd. The more variety the better.
Sounds about right.
Yes, most of those...BUT...don't forget the occasional lost child, Lost hunter, Boat in distress (out of fuel) (that's fuel not fool) Car fire, "Help I have fallen and can't get up" calls, Grass fires, foreign bodies in different body orifices.....
yes and then there is the " I cant poopy" calls.
Did one last night that is rarely ever thought of, a wash down (pd had a run in with someone and it didnt end well.) we were called in around midnight to wash down the road to get the "fluids" off the road. It was pretty bad
We had one last week with an assit to the police department with a meth lab investigation. 6 arrest were made.
Over the last 20 years or so, We shipped a person with a 9" electric grinder imbedded in his leg to the hospital, A teenager with his arm stuck in a commerical grade meat grinder to the hospital, provide lighting for homicide scenes, and most recently assist the State Police with venting a house after they teargassed the home to flush out a couple of murder suspects.
LOL-include foot pain and headache. my personal favorite we used to call "SEX CODES" you walk in the house, it's 2am. There's champange next to the bed, victorias secret garments on the floor. the woman's in her most conceeling head to toe robe and crying. ALL OF THIS you miss and ask the guy on the bed gasping" what were you doing when the chest pain began sir?"
cow stranded in a flooded field. ......true story.
someone actually called 911 for it. And we responded.
A few years ago we had an alert for a friendly parrot in tree....
I was on a Summerday and took over an hour to get him down,

a few days later the police called for assist by unknow soundings out of an
Car engine, we found a little Cat which thought it was a good idea to sleep inside......
Only ones I would add: decon of pepper spray victim, guy was a tad bit mental, but pretty funny to listen to, and removeing taser prongs from a drunk that didn't listen to the police.
When i first joined the dept. we got called out to a tree rescue which turned out to be a guy trimming trees and went in to cardiac arrest about 10' in the air

And about 2 weeks ago on a friday evening there was a bunch of high school kids thought they would go and have some fun muddin at one of the kids house while the parents were out of town for the weekend well they got one truck stuck and then they tried pulling him out with another truck well they were doggin the first truck and the engine blew up and shot oil on the manifold which sent the truck and about 5 acres up in flames by the time we got there

and then yesterday there was a guy discing his field in a case ih stieger (a 450hp 8 wheeled tractor) and blew a hydralic hose and shot oil on the engine and manifold and then went up in flames

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