Obama decided to visit some FDNY firefighters over the past few days after the killing of Osama.


My question to you all is, and it's relatively opinionated as facts cannot truly be proven: Do you think that the primary reason that Obama visited the FDNY is because he truly cares for our emergency personnel, or because he's looking for a boost in his numbers?


Obama, not to my recollection, hasn't visited a PD/FD/EMS Station prior, only after the death of Osama.


Was it a publicity stunt?


My opinion: I am not heavily into politics, but I am intelligent enough to understand political maneuvers such as this. I believe, whole-heartedly, that it was a publicity stunt. If Obama truly cared, he would have been visiting fire houses and police stations long ago, not just in the past week.


What do you all think of this?


And please, keep it relatively friendly.

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Wait a sec...I thought the vist to Ground Zero was a cynical political ploy? Now you're saying he should visit more often? Can you please get the narrative straight? I can never keep track of the current poutrage.
another politician riding the coattails of my dead friends.
Of course there is racism out there. And assuming someone who is not black is responsible for producing the OBAMA BUCKS nonsense above, that would be an example. But people of all races are capable of producing racist nonsense. Contrary to conventional wisdom, white people haven't cornered the market on racism.
Jordan Hawkins,

What percentage of Black America do you suppose will vote for the white candidate who is almost certain to run against Obama?
For the love of god Obama is not a Muslim, not that if he was would one bit of difference. Is goes to a Baptist church I beleive.

Maybe that proves my point about racism
I'm not a racist I'm a realist. I have friends of all colors and not only that have had them over my house. People say they have friend of different colors but never have broken bread with them. (and not talking about at the firehouse)

It just really irratates me when people point out something every other president has done for decades but Obama is wrong for doing the same thing.
For the love of god, Craig, how is your point about racism proved by people insisting Obama is a Muslim? And who in this conversation is saying that?
The racial makeup of the NYFD is a whole different issue unto itself...340 out of 11,000 wow
What should the racial (and gender, and sexual , and religious) makeup of the FDNY be?
That doesn't mean they're racists. And it doesn't mean they haven't condemned those other white presidents for the same things.
Exactly right mate. We get the same in Australia... How many aboriginal people does your service employ? Who cares... Take people on their merit, not their heritage.
the second we are forced to love a man because he is our president is the second we become a communist nation

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