Obama decided to visit some FDNY firefighters over the past few days after the killing of Osama.


My question to you all is, and it's relatively opinionated as facts cannot truly be proven: Do you think that the primary reason that Obama visited the FDNY is because he truly cares for our emergency personnel, or because he's looking for a boost in his numbers?


Obama, not to my recollection, hasn't visited a PD/FD/EMS Station prior, only after the death of Osama.


Was it a publicity stunt?


My opinion: I am not heavily into politics, but I am intelligent enough to understand political maneuvers such as this. I believe, whole-heartedly, that it was a publicity stunt. If Obama truly cared, he would have been visiting fire houses and police stations long ago, not just in the past week.


What do you all think of this?


And please, keep it relatively friendly.

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Prove to me the president used his trip to N.Y. as a way to "check on the status of the mosque".
Of course he was checking on the status of the mosque, he's a muslim. Everybody knows that.

Of course he's running for re-election. Of course, he's breaking new ground by making appearances that he hopes will get him re-elected. Maybe in the future other presidents will follow suit.

Yes, he's spent an awful lot of amurican's hard earned money on pleasure trips and vacations. Again, that he's the first president to have ever done so probably means the next president will take vacations too.

I heard the he and Michelle were onboard air force 1, drinking champagne and peeing in the toilets and then flushing it over NYC.

I agree Obama has been pretty disrespectful towards amuricans. I can't specifically state how or why I think that, only that I do.

Now why on earth would Obama send money to texas, home of george bush? I bet he picked up the phone, called FEMA (another damn gubmint department that does no good fur amuricans) and ordered them NOT to send ANY money to texas.

I was gonna include links but decided, why bother letting facts git in the way of damn stupid, ignorant opinions. Ye Haw!

Oh hell...why not.
See this link for a discussion on texas wildfires - http://my.firefighternation.com/forum/topics/fema-defends-ending-te...

"Over the past few months, FEMA has awarded over 20 fire management grants to the state [Texas], which provide targeted funding to help with firefighting efforts, including 16 in April alone."
And the folks along the Mississippi River who are now flooded have already gotten a disaster declaration as well. Obama plans to visit West Texas next week near where the 300,000 acre Rockhouse Fire ("NOT a disaster") is winding down. That'll be interesting. He would not be welcome at our fire house if he came here.
Your obvious dislike for the president lessens your arguements. While I don't know the President I do know the VP. He actually swore me in as president of my company. he has been to our firehouse at least 10 times in 30 years as Senator. VP Biden is a very big supporter of not just the fire service but the volunteer system.

Also the President hasn't done anything to hurt the fire service. We still get our grants, more now then ever. But of all the placves he could have went he took the time to go to the station. How many times did Bush or Cheney visit a fire department. I know Cheney did it...NEVER.

As far as my politics, I love the president and what he has done to cure the illness Bush as inflicted on the country. I tell people, don't hate the firefighter for the water damage, Hate the person who set the fire......think about it.....
He did the same thing the last 20 Presidents have done. Do you really think he would take Southwest Airlines to go on vacation? What about when Bush was flying around over the south during Katrina?

I'm not calling anyone a racist but I think people look at him differently because he is black.
You may not be too far off the mark. To many, demcorats are (considered) socialists, which apparently goes against their go-it-alone, pull-yourself-up-by-your-bootstraps mentality (except when it comes to them and theirs, then they want anything and everything they can get from "big gubmint,")

Now combine the above with some barely restrained, right under the surface, 'I have friends that are black', good ole' american racism and...ding ding ding...we have a whiner winner.

Maybe you're the racist if you think people look at him (Obama) differently because he's black. That cuts both ways.

I have friends who are black. Saying that equals good ole american racism?
I am confident that you know exactly who and what I was referring to.
Of course I do. And I'm confident that you know exactly the point I'm making.
We respect the position, not the man, Norm. Why you and your department would disrespect America like that is beyond me.
I don't! That proves I'm not racist!

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