So... I'm just curious as to some of the general and more specific names given to apparatus from the US and around the world... for example, our pumper is called an engine (yeah, i know alot of people call it that), airel apparatus around our area are refered to as towers, ladders, airel's, trucks... an ambulance is known as a bus or a rig.

More specifically... we have a huge tanker that we call the whale and our older pumper is known as the "popemobile" due to the very high roof on the crew area.

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Our engines are called engines when referring to the company but most use the name wagon(as in hose wagon since we used to have two piece engines) when referring to the piece. The position for drivers is even wagon driver. Then we use truck, not aerial or ladder.

As far as more specific ones, each company has a nickname. Most have the name of their neighborhood on the front of the piece, but some also have other nicknames on the side. Some examples are:

10 Engine(Trinidad) = House of Pain or The Dime
5 Engine(Georgetown) = The Nickel
11 Engine(Columbia Heights) = The House of Flame
3 Engine(Capitol Hill) = Capitol Protectors or Columbia(named after the original Columbia Fire Department when it protected the Capitol)
15 Engine(Anacostia) = Hell's Kitchen
19 Engine = Southeast Soldiers
27 Engine(Deanwood) = Deanwood Demons
21 Engine(Adams Morgan) = Alley Rats
4 Engine = The Hornets Nest
16 Engine(Franklin Square) = The Midnight Express
*Neighborhood name in parenthesis which is usually the name on the front below the windshield.
we've got a Ladder 22 we call the "Double Deuce", and an old kaiser jeep as a brush truck that we call "The Beast"
In our department we have named two of our first out engines, Defiance and Champion. These names orriginated from when the department had horse drawn pumpers, and are the names of the 2 horses.
When they are running well or when I am working on them..? LOL
We have a old Chevy pick up (brush-26) that has a 350, Edelbrock carb, headers, and strait pipes lol I call it "The Beast" you can hear me coming weather the siren is on or not lmao I will put some pictures of it on here when I take some....
we call our back up squad "TURK"
Bubbles was my old fire departments first line engine

it had a CAFFS

We call aerial one "big easy"
We gave our rigs of any kind the name of a fallen hero brother and a bronze plaque is placed in front of the rigs in his memory.
Stay safe
We have a 1952 International Luverne we affectionately call "Luvie." She was built at the Luverne engine works in Luverne, Minnesota, and was retired from active service in 2007 at the Vesta (MN) Volunteer Fire Department. She will become a parade truck.

In Texas a "tanker" is a truck that carries water. (We're slowly introducing the term "tender.")
An engine with a large tank is called a "pumper tanker."
An ambulance is call a "box."
A brush rig is just a "brush truck."
Our rescue is called a "squad."
We have Engines, Trucks or Ladders,Squads, Ambulances are called busses or rigs. Tankers are Tankers. We have Strike Rigs or Tacs. (Rescues). Diffrent pieces or houses have nick names. Most are associated with the part of the city there in..."Irish Hill Gang" "The Wurst" "Asian Knights" etc.
Our Trucks/Ladders do not have pumps or carry water.

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