Do you feel the NFPA and the NFPA Standards, are a Friend or a Foe, to the Volunteer Fire Departments.

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well put.
wow, I can't even believe that such a question would be considered. The NFPA is a definite help to ALLLLL departments, whether volunteer or paid. Because whether you are volunteer or paid you still are doing the same type things. I've said this before to such a similar post, i believe ALL dept should be obligated to achieve the standards of the NFPA.
PS: for those who bitch about the costs.. nothing stops a few FDs getting together to purchase the standards and sharing them

There is one minor and one major issue with this idea.

The minor issue is, if several departments pass the individual books around, invariably one will get lost.

If you are talking about copying them, then there is a big issue of copyright infringement.

The cost of pertinent books for the fire service are extremely small in comparison to other fire related items, like bunker gear, SCBA, Funerals, and lawsuits.
Id say friend, not every volunteer wishes to stay a volunteer. Many want to move on to paid firefighter and they need the training. As for those who do not want to move to paid, they still need the standards for safety and practice as a guide. Is they NFPA 100% accurate no, but it changes as new information appears to make every firefighter and the public safe.
And CALEB, yes you have found the one PASS device that is not integrated and still meets NFPA standard. Congrats.

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