New Vehicle for the Non-Emergency Response Market

Spartan Motors Chassis introduced a new non-emergency
ambulance transport (NEAT), a low-cost transport vehicle designed for
transporting patients who are not in critical condition.

Based on the
Ford Transit Connect chassis and is supposed to meet KKK and FMVSS specifications. With 135 cu.ft of area, I'm not sure if it would be legal to operate as a patient transporter in some states like Texas.

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Yeah, I haven't found any pix either, but it is a small chassis.

I can't see using it for LD's either unless you pulled a trailer to carry the patients personal effects. You know what I'm talking about.
Like Ralph, I wanted to see what the NEAT looked like. When manufacturers start using terms like "light weight materials", it makes me want to see what they define as LWM.

On their own website, no pics exist of the NEAT and the Press Release cited above is not there either.

So MY jury is still out on this rig!
I'm just picturing a Ford Ranger with a foam pad in the back...
Well it works in some other countries.
Isn't texas another country?
I'll reserve judgement until I see a pic but there can't be any room for a tech in the back with the "patient" can there? Are they going to put these people on a stretcher and just leave them back there all alone? I mean that ain't even right I don't care what they say. And can you clarify the KKK specs? I'm quite familiar with FMVSS but the only KKK I'm aware of wear pointy white hoods and bedsheets and I don't really think anyone would want them in the back of the ambulance with them. If you do you scare me! By the way I'm white but I don't want, never wanted any part, nor will I ever want any part of the KKK. Those guys are "nuttier than a can planters", to quote a famous author.
All it's own. ;)
I just googled ford transit connect and damn that thing is small. Just seeing the size and reading everything they put in it I would not want to be the tech in the back for a long distance transfer. I forgot who said it but you'll definatly need a trailor or a second rig to carry the pts personal effects. Until I see a version in person my vote is nay.
AMEN to the Oldman. Lil Texas said it best "God blessed Texas with his own hands brought down angels from the promised land"

I could go threw the whole song but whats the point every one knows texas is the best.
This standard was created by the General Services Administration of the United States Federal Government as a guideline for the proper construction of an ambulance.

Here's Pix of the NEAT vehicle on spartan's website.

I just purchased a Ford Transit Connect for my business, and it's a lot roomier than you would expect of such a small vehicle.


I really don't think this is intended for long tranfers, say between cities, but looks great for intra-city tranfers. You know, from the Mumbly Manner Assisted Living Center to St. So-n-So's Hospital for a routine appointment and back. It's not intended for emergancy which case an Abulance would be indicated.

That being said, there's no need to haul the pt's personnal effects if it's just a "day trip" to the doc and back. Obviously this isn't desigend for every pt transfer, but it is an option so that ambulances and larger pt transport vehicles remain available for those cases for which they are required.


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