WELL ITS ALL BUT OVER. Am i the only one worried about the outcome of the election just curious

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Best of all you can buy an entire country
Lutan1 and Mark from halfway around the world... I agree too.
Loose change in the ashtray for most of us isn't it?
anyone familiar with armagedon?
I'm ready to throw up. I am so disappointed with the citizens of our country. My dad know the bible front to back and believes barack obama represents the beginning of the end. He says all the signs in the bible pointing to the end point straight at obama. He's got me terrified.
well we will if he stands by his word but i dont think he can change this mess that we are in yes im worried about this just hope that someone dose not do something dumb to tear the US apart
I'm pissed off about Obama, I guess there probably was not a Republican canitate that would've won anyways.

I'd like to thank the media for electing this pee-on as president, thats the only way he got where he is now!!!
I am truly saddened that the people of this country could not see past the slick oratory of Barack Hussein Obama. It is my opinion that he and his ardent supporters who swung this election are some of the most dangerous people this country has ever seen.

The voters have handed the greatest nation on Earth to an inexperienced snake oil salesman.

I hope they understand that they just might get what they wished for..... There will be "Change" as he sells America piecemeal to her enemies.

Up north of us..a big ol country we call "canadia"

Is sounding realll damn good right now

its time for a change
I'm going to be totally honest. I voted for Obama because I like his politics, his choice of VP and the fact that he is black. The last reason is the one that people get upset about. It seems it's been okay to vote a for white man because you're white but not okay to vote for a black man because your black. I live in Delaware. In 27 years of voting this is the first chance I've had to vote for a black man. My Aunt 95 years old is the same way. 95 years and this is the first time she could vote for a black man.

Chris Rock said it best and something I believe in, A black man has to fly where a white man can walk. Obama will have to be the best President in the history of Presidents to be considered even a mild success. As bad as Bush 2 is, thats who Obama will be judge against.
I think Australia looks pretty good right now. At least with crocs and snakes you know the dangers.

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