OK...I have noticed that we have all these EXPERTS here giving such great advice, slamming their Departments in a public forum,Acting as authorities that want to buck their Chiefs,No timers (no longevity in the Fire Service).....So I will ask you all this....at a Fire call should I put my right boot on first or my left...?  Would it be the same for MVA calls...?  And what about Carbon Monoxide calls....?  Does it change with the seasons....?  I am sure all those interested in the "colors of trucks", "colors of turn out gear"..."Jrs on calls" and the like will have the answers I so despirately need.....Thank-you all...............Paul    LOL  sorry I couldn't help myself....

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Ralph why are you using this to attack President Obama? If funds were given to put firefighters back to work then as far as I've seen his administration has done more for firefighters than the previous administration which was more concerned with helping Haliburton get richer. Bush sent people off to die for non existent WMDs to destroy another country but I never heard anyone refer to him as Emperor Bush. If you can name another administration that has done more for the fire service, please do.
Hi Lindsay
Dictatorship?? Your kinda right. It really is.. or should be at least, but I am sure lots of people would really hate that word. Sad that the word dictatorship is used though. I hate to think that people think of any chief as a dictator. I certainly understand what/where you are coming from though. If that's what it takes to keep the young ones safe, than dictatorship it is. I was always brought up in the ranks of the dept. as the fire service is sort of a para-military organization. I think of it that way today. Yet, there seems to be more lack of respect for the ranks than ever before. Justifi justifya and understandably so, with the appointment of people with one or two years with their name on a roster to the rank of captain, chief, training officer, etc etc is there any wonder?
If military people were to post some of the stuff about their commanding officers like is done here, what would the results be?
You are to be commended for "getting it". Success will be yours!
Stay safe k
OOOOOOh....Someone is an Obama-man....I still think he is a cross between the guy on mad magazine and Arnold from Different Strokes....
His 'career" will be short if he doesn't....Maybe remind him that the only thing lower than a probie is.......? well there isn't anything lower than a probie.....and ask him what might happen if his Chief knew he was hashing on a neighboring Department reference to a call....as a probie or Jr.....
And yet Matthew you made it......see anything can happen.....
FFChick....it is that way because it HAS to be that way...we cannot have people "cowboying" on calls...People can and sometimes do get hurt or killed. The Chief is ultimately the one to answer for what happens...Believe me...That's one job I never want....the one to go to someones home and tell their family,wife, parent, or sig other that their loved one won't be coming home....I can't imagine having that task.....and I hope and pray that no-one here ever has to perform it as well....You can joke, laugh,jerk-off or whatever when not involved with a call or in the publics eye...but once you cross that line you become "professional" You do as you are told....My first Chief had it down pat...One of his favorite sayings was...."You volunteered to join this Department,you can volunteer to leave BUT in the meantime you do as you are told."
Brian...it is not solely to "Keep the young ones safe"...It is to keep EVERYONE safe....Remember the motto...."Everyone goes home" and live by it.......Stay safe...Remember to Keep the Faith............Paul
Awesome post Paul. I thought it depended on which side of the vehicle you exit. You know drivers side-left boot first, passengers side-right boot first. :)
When I bought my 4 lightbars,and front and rear sirens, they threw in this really cool sound sensing switch, so that when my pager goes off, it will automatically turn on my lights and sirens before I even get to my vehicle. I decided not to use that switch on my truck. I, instead hooked it up in my bedroom, so when my pager goes off, the switch activates a fold-down rack from the ceiling with my gear on it. So when I wake up, all I have to do is put my feet in the air and BOTH boots go on at the same time. Eliminates the confusion when the seasons change.
Hope this helps with your "seasons" question.
PS...you never did mention the color of your boots. That could change things.
OK Anita...thanks was waiting for a Jr or probie to correct me.....
Damn....!!! Got to have one of these....!!!! My boots are basic black but I have to spit shine them every night....right after I "toasterize" my bunkers (have to look the part even if I am not..."seasoned")
yah, really good rig, but not so efficient when I'm not in bed. That's why right now I'm trying to find who will pay for another set of gear for me. I'd get them myself, but I have more lights on order.

You mean i can cook my gear to make it look used? How high should I put my oven on? Oh, forget it, it's fireslaying gear, I'll put it on high. Oh man, I'm gonna look so freakin cool. Can't wait until my probation ends in 8 months.

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