Ok many of you grow attached to things and name them but ill admit i have grown attached to my turn out gear so i decided to name them am i the only on that has done that if not what di you name yuor gear and if you named them after somthing tell my why


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  Uh, No.

Oh come on 55 TRUCK...You haven't named your turn out gear?  I call mine Shirley Mae...after my mother, because my turn out gear makes me feel all warm and fuzzy just like my mommy did.

Um, seriously Jim, just because a thought enters your head, doesn't mean you should verbalize it and share it with the world.  If you said something like this on my crew at my paid firehouse you would have to leave the job and go into the witness protection program to escape the abuse you would get.

  Yes, the "shoes" I wear I call them my leathers, one is left the other is right.  The "pants" I wear I call them my bunkers, my "hat" I call my helmet, I just haven't come up for a name for my coat yet.  Have to agree with Don on this one, at my "house" (that would be the station) you would be laughed at and people (firefighters) would tend to distance themselves from you.  Sorry just couldn't resist. 

Going to have to agree with Don; you'd get laughed out the front door of the station.  In our department, the only two pieces of equipment that have any sort of "names" are our rescue truck and the quick attack.  The rescue is (very rarely) called "The Canary" because it's the only yellow truck in our fleet, and the quick attack is frequently called "That heaping POS" (I probably don't need to explain that one...)  But for the most part, the trucks are all called by their unit number (111, 112, 114, etc)

Nope, that's a new one on me. 

I heard of naming  a personal firefighting tool or a fire vehicle but never turnout gear.



All I can say is that, there have been posts and conversations about comments or threads being deleted by the OP because he/she didn't like the responses or what not. Well, I actually believe that this post would be an exception. This cries out to be deleted.

Sorry Jim. Seems you might be the only one who is naming gear. And if...I mean IF..someone here does, I doubt they will admit it now after reading these comments.

And since I AM commenting on your thread...I will reply that I do not have names for my gear other than what Mr. Reynolds mentioned. And to that, I would like to add that, Clay, you could go with "bunker pants" and "bunker coat". Hope this helps your dilemma of coming up with a name for your coat. :)

To finish my comment, Jim. you have neglected to mention what you have named your gear? I'm quite curious. Hell...maybe it'll catch on and everyone uses it......never know!!

You wouldn't last 5 minutes in our house. *grins* 

Sorry buddy, you're on your own with this one. ;)

My new gear will be named FireDex.

i named my gear after an old dog i had i i trusted that dog about as much as i trust my gear so i named it janie after her


Who you named your gear after is admirable.

That you bothered to name it is questionable.

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