As the discussions continue , I am curious if one really taught you anything . I learned that the color black in turnouts is not as bad as I thought . I thought it would be dangerous and hot but allot of you said the opposite . I am now not concerned with what color I wear . What about you , what have you learned ? I also learned no matter what the topic , we are all in this together at the end . God Bless and Be safe .

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I agree with Paul.
He is not the dumbest firefighter.
And I am not the smartest.
Just chattier.
That's French for "what you say can come back to haunt you". :-)
Wee Wee.
With you there Art....I have done some really dumb things as a Firefighter (mainly as a probie)...But I am learning.....Always remember no good deed goes unpunished.....Paul
poor truck
I also learned alot of tips for safety on here. By seeing mistakes others have made , it makes you aware of what we do wrong . Be safe all and God Bless.
Weeeeellll, I have learned a few new words and spellings Ive never heard or seen before. Apparently spelling and punctuation is no longer taught or important in schools today. These same individuals have no idea what "Spellcheck" is either.
And , on a serious note I have learned that you CAN teach an old bugger new stuff. I have learned much from the discussions whether opinions or not. To be open to discuss things and accept others ideas open-mindedly is a good thing.
Be Safe-ISH!
Ok, now we are all gonna gather around, hold hands and sing Cum Bi Yah!!! LOL!
Jeff, as I stated on another discussion. It takes a bigger man to admit mistakes and acknowledge when we did wrong. Enough said Bro. You were passionate about how you felt and you stuck to it. No prob. Brought a great discussion here. Keep on contributing Bro. We all are enriched by each others opinions and ideas.
Affirmative!!! Jacks gonna lead us....
Before we can hold hands, we must don our full turnout gear, positive pressure SCBA, flash hoods, and those oven mitt fire gloves we all love so much. We can't afford the risk that one of us will come down with the pig flu or a harassment lawsuit from a simple firehouse song-fest, now, can we?
O.k.. , on three, Coom bi ya. Your not singing . That is something else I learned . If you need a laugh , ask a fire fighter. Hev a greet weekand . Damn spelll check failed me again.
Ben don't forget a charged handline...!!!! First they had Mad cow Swine flu....whats next....? "pissed off pig"disease...? Paul
Dang! Paul. you've been listening to that Safe-Ish bone head again. get so bungled up with PPE and gear we cant even sing. And! wheres Jack? He's the choir leader.
Chief, as long as we don't have any of that dreaded BLEVE hay around, we should be Safe-ish.

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