OK so not my first fire but the first time I wil be in a burn trailer for school. Never been in a fully involved structre yet. Will Be middle of July and gonna be hot without the flame. What advice do you vets have for me if any. Thanks TCSS

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The temperature outside WILL have an effect on the firefighter both before and after the evolution. Of course it won't make the actual "burn trailer" hotter. Hopefully you will have instructors that are intelligent enough to allow you to get a little experience with some heat, and not make you do anything stupid just to show you how hot it can get, or how well they can tolerate heat.

It's a learning experience. Approach it in that way, rather than looking forward to having "fun". And remember you are in a training enviornment that is (or should be) controlled and supervised, meaning the danger is minimized to a degree. Do not equate that to how realistic conditions are all the time. And also remember that even though it is training, it's serious business. Too many firefighters have been seriously burned or killed in so-called training evolutions by shear stupidity, as well as "accidents"
Always respect fire and never ever beleive you can truely control it to do what you want it to do.
Hydrate with WATER and start the day before if you don't normally drink a good amount of water. Bring yourself a towel, maybe some extra clothes if there is a place to change later. It's good advice to grab a banana after the event to replenish, and drink alot more water. Gatorade and those drinks are controversial. I would suggest some after you have sipped some water for a period.

Good luck!
WOW Thanks to all who replied so far. I am so pumped to go do this. Will not have a probleme staying awake for the 4 1/2 hour drive back home I am sure. Will prob be still high on adrenaline. Will post pics and comments on how it went when I get back home. TCSS
In the burn building it has been known 2 get hot enough 2 melt the shield on your helment...they made us take ours off of our helements before we went into the burn building during our training
Make sure you have the the nozzle on straight stream...it got bumped with one of the guys in our class...so it was on the fog pattern...if you go into the building with the a fog pattern you will mess up the thermal balance & it will flip over & all of the heat will be on the floor with you. Good Luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really enjoyed our training burn.
Capt I'm glad I made your day. I do use google to search for goggles. How the mind works sometimes. TCSS
Fruity chewing gum...may sound weird but when my dad's class did their live burn for NPQ...they told them to chew fruity gum you will not use as much air that way. i used the chewing gum when i went through my live burn for MOD 1 and it worked...it HAS 2 be a fruity flavored gum such as Juicy Fruit...nothing that is ment, such as big red, cool mint flavored...anything like that is going to make you use more air.
Thought the gum thing was a bit strange but didnt want to say anything. Maybe I can figure out a way to smoke a cigar while in there also LOL JK
I'm no vet, I'm still pretty wet behind the ears but this is what my dad always told me when it comes to live burns (or learn burns as he calls them) "Always treat them like the real thing, don't get careless, fire don't know your training".
you dont use a whole pack of gum or even a whole stick...use a really small piece...
You should start hydrating the day before, remember if you wait til you are thirsty it's too late. Make sure you PM all your gear the days before the burn to make sure that everything is in order, batteries on PASS device, etc. If you want to go above norm and learn how live fire evolutions are supposed to be done, you could always read NFPA 1403. But my best advice would be have fun, enjoy the burn and do exactly as you are told.
You crack me up Bro.
I dont know what Ide do if I couldnt get my DAMNTHING fix each day. LOL

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