How do you motivate your firefighters to train, work out & stay involved with their communities and industry?

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Amen to that Don!!!!

One thing we do is give our volunteers a sense of ownership in the dept and a voice inside the dept. All of our decisions ultimately come through the Chief but every member is given the opportunity to give their thoughts or oppinions on anything the department plans to do.

It's not just my fd or my captains fd but is 'Our' FD. From the Chief to the newest probie.

Great Stuff Lutan

Thanks Chief.


It's still a work-in-progress, but the buy in has been amazing. We're not losing members, we're actually getting things done, we're improving equipment, training attendance, etc.

We have a slogan that we apply to ourselves at our station, "The Best of the Best." Our goal is to live up to that everyday.And to be the best, you have to train, you have to be inshape, you have to involved in the community. Because of this we get motivation from other departments, they like to literally bet on how many trained and qualifed people we are bringing to a call. By qualified, they mean FF1 or higher, not our probies who often can bottle up. Their minimum number they say we get out is with four or five, but usually we get out with six, and thats on six pieces of apparatus at one time and still be able to staff a tanker with two and at least two BLS ambulances. So how do we stay motivated to do the above tasks? By being the BEST OF THE BEST.  Call it cocky if you want, but thats how we motivate ourselves and we have a pretty good repuation at upholding that slogan. Dont get me wrong theres days we have stuggles to but we revert to that slogan and we do better.

This is true, but we are finding that it is moreso the newer members that need the motivation.  For some, the connection hasnt been made that this is a rewarding career and profession in which you could impact people's lives.   Instead, they view a just a place to hang out, or just to say that they are a "firefighter".   With that being said, there are a select few who enter the fire service as a probie and immediately become impassioned with this career.   We need more people like that!

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