Don't know if anyone watched it, I only seen the first show but the Moonshine guy Tim Smith is Chief of the local fire company Climax Vol FD. They run about 100 calls a year with 4 pieces of equipment.

From Firegeezer

A somewhat related story JOHN YUKNAVICH had a bad day in court today (Tuesday).  First, this morning he appeared before a judge's hearing relating to "protection from abuse" order filed by his former girlfriend. 

Yuknavich was already out on bond from a previous complaint by his ex-girlfriend for harrassment, simple assault and making threats against her. He was under a court order to cease and stay away from her, but this past Sunday just before 3 am he was arrested after driving back and forth in front of her house, revving his car's engine. When police stopped him, he was intoxicated and charged with DUI. Today's criminal contempt hearing was for violating the court order. 

As that hearing wrapped up and he left the court, State Troopers were waiting for him outside the door and arrested him on more serious charges of a different crime, stealing from his own fire department.


Yuknavich is facing charges of theft, receiving stolen property and access device fraud.  State police allege Yuknavich illegally wrote himself $11,865 in fire department checks and spent $3,706 on a Sam's Club credit card.

Investigators said the investigation began in 2008 when state police were looking into financial irregularities in the fire department. Yuknanich refused to comply with a subpoena, triggering a series of audits.

Other fire department officials told police Yuknavich handles all the fire department finances and they were never given a look at the financial records

But what makes this a fire related story

He is fire chief of Wilkes Barre Township VFD and has already been arrested 15 times...I'm really wondering what the guy that lost to him did......

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Moonshining isn't completely illegal. Many states allow home stills as long as it's kept under a certain amount and it's not distributed for money.

oh for christ's sake, THAT's the take home point you got out of the article?

HAHA. Don't worry Jack, that's what I got out of this article. Was just making an off color comment. Maybe I should've thrown in a laughing face.

That Chief that the main part hits on...WTF!!!!

Not only is how he still a Chief officer/even in the FD but how the hell is he not in jail after 15 arrests?

I worry about our judicial system sometimes.

This guy just looks like a turd...What's the process/requirements to be Chief in the Wilkes-Barre Township, is my question? But then again it's up north....not alot of the things that occur up north really surprise me much anymore. I'm just saying is all. 

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what a great fund raiser moonshine sales :)

Get these two together for a fundraiser. One could offer the moonshine and the other could just be sitting there saying "buy this or else", bet you could raise a lot of money :>

Whats being up north have to do with anything?

making moonshine is a federal crime and is enforced. you can make beer and wine for personal use, NOT moonshine.As for the new show and other "news", WTF.

I actually find it entertaining that a moonshiner is also the local fire chief.  If some among oour ranks choose to disapprove of moonshining, perhaps they should look to our history and what a unique role these "outlaws" have played in this country.  Don't take that commentary too seriously, or I might have to pop off about the problem with us northerners;)


On the other hand, this Chief Yuknanich is a clown!  His case prompts me to ask two questions.  First, where is the strength of their department?  NO ONE should ever be that untouchable for so long, no matter the size of the department.  Second, where are the city/township leaders in the process?  A public official brushes off a court order, and still has his job????  That kind of inbred politics doesn't even fly up here in the tundra.  (Sorry Mr Howell couldn't help a second shameless shot.)  The bottom line is that this guy needs to be hammered, providing the investigation verifies the severity of the charges.  As a whole, our industry works way too hard to gain the public trust.  For any department to allow a personality like this to thrive is a snub to all of us.

Well the Northern shot was just for fun and sarcasm from a southern boy, so I will laugh at the imbred shot. Seeing as how there ain't none of that going on around here anyhow. But seriously, what is with the city administration that allows this guy to be in that position for so long with so large a record. I can understand a few traffic citations or may, just may a fight or something stupid on his record. But to have an active Ex Parte Order of Protection against him and still be a Chief Officer is beyond me and a bit ridiculous to be honest. If that happened on any department that I have been on in the past or present or even future, we would have been placed on Administrative Leave pending investigation and court disposition. And for the guy to write himself an $11K and some change check from the department as well as use the Sam's Club card, well sorry to say this as that it is rather derogatory of me, but it sounds like the department was really asking for it. I mean with his criminal history, it was a matter of time before he did something completely stupid. And as we now see, he did.     


what i cant understand is a simple rule that if someone is spending department money then there should be 2 members present our checks require 2 signatures from the chief

and treasurer and the credit cards only get used when 2 people are there, not only that we have a financial report given every month so if a problem is detected it is immediately dealt with

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