yesterday my pager (minitor 4) started acting up, just doing weird things like not vibrating on the vibrate channel and all that stuff. I turned it off and let it sit and when I turned it back on everything seemed to be back to normal. However while sitting out on the porch today I hear the Q's and airhorns and all hell break loose up at the station, but my pager hadn't gone off. I went up there to learn that a house had just exploded (fiddlesticks I missed a good one). However, does anyone know what my pager may not be picking up traffic and alerting? I'm thinking something may of happened yesterday when it was acting funny. Like it may of unprogrammed itself or something. 

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Sorry to sound like a smart ass, but.....there are these people called radio repair technicians.  They would most likely be best suited to identify and then rectify your pager issues.

Same thing happened to mine. It won't fix itself, it needs to go see the doctor.

Well the reason I posted it on here was because I asked my captain and chief about it, and they just said deal with it. I was just wondering if anyone has had the same issue and would be able to give me some hints. 

It had something to do with the programming on mine, I believe they had to put a new speaker in as well when it was in for repair. If you have the ability to reprogram it yourself I'd start there, if you can't then it should be sent in.

Hey Tom,

Don't know what hints you are looking for, but it's not working now, and there's nothing that you can do with the pager except battery changes. It needs to be looked at by a professional, like Don mentioned. There's not secret compartment with keys for a certain's messed up and needs to be looked at.

Got to agree with everyone on that one.  You need to talk to the person in charge of the pagers.  Mine does that most of the time anyways, but then I live in a rural community so I kind of expect it.  

Just FYI. Another little tid-bit of info on the Minitor IVs and older.

Because of the FCC mandate, requiring narrow band upgrades (12.5kz instead of 25k spacing), this will be a huge concern for many departments across the country.

The Minitor II, III, and IVs are not narrow band capable. When a radio system is upgraded to narrow band spacing, the above pagers will not be able to receive the transmission, and thus will not alert. The Minitor Vs are capable and for now are not having this kind of issue.

But as the others have stated, your departments radio tech is the one to ask.

Some of the monitor Vs in our dept did the same thing. The frequency was off by 0.2Mhz and the all call freq was in the in the wrong box. So who ever you have programming your pagers needs to tweak it for you.

For what it's worth, our county switched to narrow band spacing a month ago.  We just reprogrammed our radios and pagers (Minitor V's) last night, and have been operating without any issues the entire time.  

I believe we were told the older pagers would also continue to work for the time being.

Our county will be narrow banding in June. Since your county did it, how has you pager reacted? Has it been able to pick up dispatches clearer? Worse? Same? Any other changes?

Well, my pager was reprogrammed at 1850 last night.  Our daily pager test is at 1800, and we didn't get a page last night, so mine hasn't activated since 1800 yesterday.  I will say that I had noticed over the past few weeks that the alert tones seemed kind of "off", I'll be interested to see if that changes with the new programming.

I'm also working OT at my regular job, and may still be in this brick-and-steel tomb at 1800 today, in which case I'll miss the test tonight as well.  (I'm just over 30 miles from the tower here at my desk).  Coworkers who are members of the local departments said theirs seem a little clearer after they went narrow band.

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