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ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) - An Alpine Township firefighter was suspended after turning on his fire truck emergency lights to prompt a truck driver to drive more appropriately.

Kent County Sheriff's Department officials told 24 Hour News 8 the firefighter saw a truck he thought was driving recklessly. He turned on his emergency flashers.

The driver of the truck, Jacob Stiles, believed the firefighter, who was wearing a security uniform, was trying to pull him over.

But investigators don't believe that's the case.

Stiles followed the firefighter back to the Alpine Township Fire Department, then called the police.

"After I passed him, he got behind me," he told 24 Hour News 8, "flipped his lights on and there were red lights in his dash and in the rear window."

Fire Chief Ronald Christians said the firefighter should have thought through his actions more thoroughly. "He was probably provoked and, much like in human nature, we also teach these persons that you need to keep control."

The unnamed, paid-on-call firefighter has been indefinitely suspended during the investigation. The reports have been forwarded to the prosecutor's office and could result in misdemeanor charges against the firefighter.

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Agreed. It comes down to individual responsibility.
Don't speak for me when you say "We all have been" because I sure haven't. I've had strobes in my POV for 8 years and not once have I felt the need to be vigilante lawman or "scare" someone that I thought was driving recklessly.

The FF should probably consider himself lucky he didn't get the chit beat out of him. The Gen Pop knows the difference between firemen and policeman and their respective roles of what they should be doing and what they have no business doing.
I think they were saying he had the equivalent of fire truck lights in his POV rather the same lights as a police car. It went on to say he was wearing a security guard uniform while driving, so he definately shouldnt be in a fire truck. The driver he flashed probably thought he was off duty police rather than a FF. At the end of the day the press will write what they like, so I dont know why I even bothered talking about this, guess I am just quiet at work and this helps pass the time
I deleted my initial reply because I was mistaken as to vehicle type.
The firefighter in question used the lights of the emergency vehicle in a way that apparently violated fire department and state code.
So; the firefighter in question should get a fair hearing on the matter and if found guilty, he should be disciplined within the guidelines of the department.
Hey, Ralph:
Did you know that, when our heart rates get above 145, like when we are driving fast on a call, that our judgment is greatly diminished?
It's true.
When a cop engages a vehicle in a chase and the cop gets over excited, he is over aggressive at the end of the chase because his heart rate is about 175.
If you look at the last three riots, they were caused by high speed chases that ended with the cops beating the crap out or shooting the driver in the other vehicle.
We need to control ourselves.
Additional information from WZZM13.com

"The car behind him was an unmarked vehicle with a red flashing light on top. "His flashing lights were on, sirens were going and I looked over to my buddy and said, 'I'm not about to pull over, that's not a cop," said Stiles."
Authorities: Volunteer firefighter suspended after abusing power

Thanks to the WebTeam for clearing this up.
Now; I stand by my original post that I have since deleted.
The guy who abused his privileges of lights and siren on his POV should lose them permanently.
He is a liability to his fire department and a jamoke.
And we haven't heard the last from John Q. Public.
OH and the question came up as to why this is news.
It's news because someone masquerading as a FIREFIGHTER abused his privileges AS A FIREFIGHTER and sorry, but THAT is news.
We don't seem to have a problem with the "saved a puppy" stories, now, do we ?
As long as we have jamokes like this, the fire service as a whole is going to keep taking the hit.
Like it or not.
Most of us, myself included, have lights on our POV's but they are used strictly for traffic control while stationary on the road. We absolutley do not use them during response. It is not only illigal in our state but most insurances will not touch a case involving POV's with lights.
nah, i really think they meant fire truck emergency lights. we use to have lights in Personal vehicles. they were green flashing lights. they were taken away because ppl were using them inappropriately and breaking all kinds of traffic laws. and yes, in our personal vehicles we are not allowed to break laws, though a few ppl have been stopped speeding and usually the cops just let them go, however then they phone the chief and then there is trouble. we are not covered by fire dept insurance if an accident occurs, and ive heard personal insurance companies can refuse to cover damages caused if they find out an accident occured while dangerously driving to a fire call. even in a fire truck we do not have the right of way, though we can have it if other motorists will give it. for example if you run a stop sign/red light in a fire truck and hit someone its the fire trucks fault. however there are some laws like it against the law to pass an emergency vehicle with lights and sirens but all we can do is take plate number and report it. and i have been tempted also to turn on lights and/or siren at stupid ppl, though i have been able to control myself thus far....

I beg your pardon!!!! YOU have DONE IT ALL and SEEN IT ALL and therefore WE are an embarrassment?

Pulllease tell me that I misunderstood your comment!
thanks Brian.... glad I decided to read further before I posted.
Would love to have been a fly on the wall during that discussion/reaming. lol

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