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ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) - An Alpine Township firefighter was suspended after turning on his fire truck emergency lights to prompt a truck driver to drive more appropriately.

Kent County Sheriff's Department officials told 24 Hour News 8 the firefighter saw a truck he thought was driving recklessly. He turned on his emergency flashers.

The driver of the truck, Jacob Stiles, believed the firefighter, who was wearing a security uniform, was trying to pull him over.

But investigators don't believe that's the case.

Stiles followed the firefighter back to the Alpine Township Fire Department, then called the police.

"After I passed him, he got behind me," he told 24 Hour News 8, "flipped his lights on and there were red lights in his dash and in the rear window."

Fire Chief Ronald Christians said the firefighter should have thought through his actions more thoroughly. "He was probably provoked and, much like in human nature, we also teach these persons that you need to keep control."

The unnamed, paid-on-call firefighter has been indefinitely suspended during the investigation. The reports have been forwarded to the prosecutor's office and could result in misdemeanor charges against the firefighter.

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and THAT folks, is the no. 2 reason why many are against the use of lights / siren in their pov!!
Of course the first is because those "whackers" are a danger to motorists..
I am just going to bite my tongue . . .
Lights and sirens in pov can be benificial when used appropriately. It's a shame some individuals abuse them. There are times when I might be the first on scene and I want other drivers to see my vehicle for my safety.
thoses wackers hu well there gos another moron who asome day will be saved by a wacker [ moron]
Yeah he shouldnt have done that.
why dont we stone him in the town square u people sound like a witch hunt from salem take him a side and talk to him like adults i HAVE 39YEARS IN FIRE SERVICE SEEN IT ALL DONE IT ALL AND U PEOPLE ARE AN EMBARESSMENT TO THE FIRE SERVICE
POV lights are a priviledge as long as they are not miss used. They are for one reason only and to respond to the station in a timely matter, as long as you don't break the rules of the road. I have red/white lights in my POV and only use them in emergency cases, no sirens just lights. There has to be more to this story, a security unifrom? the story just seems fishy to me, either way don't abuse your lights.
So because were saying Dont Abuse your Red lights we are an Embaressment to the Fire Service....Oh god nobody say always wear the right PPE
am i misreading?? i think he was in a FIRE truck.................. no??
turning on his fire truck emergency lights ----------- yup fire truck...
Why did this even have to hit the press? Who called the TV station? Is this really news worthy? Granted we are suppose to be in control all of the time, but things happen. This should have been kept in house and just turned over to the PD by the Chief for their investigation and let them make the decision not the truck driver who looked good on TV and not the press. Should have never happened and never went to press. Its just another mark against the public servant.
Not that im sticking up for the guy, or saying he was right in what he was doing, i have never personally done ANYTHING like that, but im also not going to lie and say that i have not been tempted. Im sure WE ALL HAVE BEEN at one time or another, we were just able to restrain from it...

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