Michigan Fire Engine Overturns After Colliding With Tractor-Trailer


WARREN, Mich. - A fire truck tipped over on its side Tuesday afternoon when it was involved in a crash on 9 Mile Road in Warren.

The crash happened near the intersection of Sherwood Avenue.

Witness Marvin Newton said a tractor-trailer hit the truck, then clipped a car and knocked down a utility pole before halting to a stop on a curb.

"He had the green light but the fire truck has got the right of way. It had the flashing lights on and the siren and the horn and was making noise," Newton said. "He smacked that fire truck good."

Four firefighters suffered minor injuries.

The truck driver was not hurt.

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North Carolina law states that we have the right of way with lights and siren, but states that we MUST drive with Due Regard to others. Read the last line... It doesn't matter how many bells, whistles, or lights you have, YOU as the driver are responsible for your vehicle under all circumstances. I suspect each state has a similar law, it pays to know them.

Hope everyone is ok...

§ 20‑145. When speed limit not applicable.

The speed limitations set forth in this Article shall not apply to vehicles when operated with due regard for safety under the direction of the police in the chase or apprehension of violators of the law or of persons charged with or suspected of any such violation, nor to fire department or fire patrol vehicles when traveling in response to a fire alarm, nor to public or private ambulances and rescue squad emergency service vehicles when traveling in emergencies, nor to vehicles operated by county fire marshals and civil preparedness coordinators when traveling in the performances of their duties. This exemption shall not, however, protect the driver of any such vehicle from the consequence of a reckless disregard of the safety of others. (1937, c. 407, s. 107; 1947, c. 987; 1971, c. 5; 1977, c. 52, s. 3; 1985, c. 454, s. 5.)
Sure hope the firefighters will make a speedy recovery. Mr. Newton made the erronous assumption that the engine had the right of way. Unfortunately the lights, siren and horn are only our way of "requesting" that others yield to us. The truck driver didn't have the opportunity to avoid the engine and the result is disastrous for the department.
Agreed - on all points.

Hope they are okay.
Thank the Lord there were no LOD's nor any serious injuries. We pray for their speedy recover.
So true Norm. We are asking for everyone else to yield to yield to us. Stop at red lights, it only takes a few seconds!
They recently had a accident in Northern Michigan where a car red a stop sign , hit a another car & killed 2 people. The volunteer ambulance responding had red lights & siren & ran a stop sign & hit a car killing 2 people & never made the accisent scene. STOPPIMG at all RED Lights & STOP SIGNS is mandatory and not negotiable. A semi truck has much noise from deisel &, usually a driver has a cb & country music playing. It says truck had green light but must stop because fire truck had red lights & sirens blarring. Red Lights & sirensd does not give you authority to run red light lights & stop signs. I think all fire & ems personnel shall have to take reoccuring Emergency driver course. Are there any others who agree with this?

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