I seen this on another post but i thought id ask the question here
What makes a good medic ?
here is what i belive makes a good medic

What Makes a Good Medic

1. A good/great medic must have compassion for his or her patients and the familys of those patients
2. Must be unshakeable when on a call they keep there cool in those bad times when patients crash
3. Keep up on there skills and learn and keep on learning
4. Know they are not GOD
5. Willing to teach others
6. Explain there actions while on a call when conciveable
7. Treat there patients as they would like to be treated
8. They know others see them as hero's but see it as doing there job its what we do

These are some of the things that I can think of off the top of my head. I know a great medic in my area and I would like to take this oppurtonity to thank all in the Fire EMS Police and Military feilds. Without what we do I belive our country would not be what it is today.

15:13,14 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

We do this day in and day out not for the glory but for the love of man and our community and country

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A good medic is able to play well with others, and not get into arguments over patient care at a multi-casualty scene.

A good medic will never say "it's not my job" and will rise to the occasion.

A good medic always wears his or her seat belt at all times.

How is that?
yea those are good ones also
A medic has many many responsibilitys in the field a huge thing that i think makes a good medic is they have to no there stuff. they have to no what drugs they are pushing and what each one does. not to menchin every thing else. they got alot to remimber and alot of responsibility.
A good medic to me is:

An individual who never wants to stop learning about his/her line of work.
Cares deeply for his/her fellow man.
Doesn't look down on those that are trying to get to his/her level and teaches the new guy/gal.
Is cool and collected when no one else is.
Is not a know it all.

I was lucky when I got my medic, I had a phenomenal group of guys and gals around me that truly wanted to teach me.
I agree with yours. Especially helping your fellow EMTs that are working their way up.
I believe that a great medic can not be taught but is a gift. If you know one stick with them, learn from them, maybe you will be a good medic or you might even be the next great medic. It can be inside of anyone, you don't know until you release it.

A great medic does not know everything, but they know how to get the patient and crew through the call safely.
A great medic learns not only from there mistakes but others mistakes
A great medic does not point out others problems but helps them over come them

Yes I work with a Great Medic and She is always trying to learn more.
That is my ramblings
not ramblings good and i agree i work with a great medic also and he is willing to teach me and help me achive my goals thank you all for your responses and I hope to see more
A good Medic is compassionate, understanding, always striving to learn and improve, bringing out the best in his or her partner, focused and most of all remembers that the patient depends on your help. They are why your here.
A good medic realizes that patient care is their priority, and strives to ensure that they are giving the best possible.

A good medic isn't afraid to ask for help when he realizes he's in over his head.

A good medic isn't afraid to teach when the lessons are there to be taught.

A good medic takes criticism, good and bad, and learns from it, yet doesnt take it personally.

and in my book most of all, a good medic is humble and a team player.
I'm not a medic, but work with them a pretty good bit and i think you got everything right.
A good medic buys lunch.
A good medic ask if the patient can walk to the bus.
A good medic will take the heavy end.
A good medic knows when to treat on scene and when its time to grab and go.

God Bless them all.

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