How do you know what is wrong and what is right?

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Wellthat would depend on what you've done!Tell us the whole story and better judgement can be made!Flirting is one thing as long as it stays like that cause it's harmless unless it's offending your significant other then it's crossed a line.
would depend on what you've done it's harmless unless
there's a line???
If it feels like it's wrong, it is.
That's not to say it's not wrong if it doesn't.

If you feel guilty, you probably are.
Not saying that's what I'm doing, I see and hear it often usually the other party involved(spouse/significant other) has no clue and my inner voice feels that some of this is wrong. I am not by any means saying I'm perfect, far from i just feel for the other party involved.
AS soon as you have to ask that question, you've probably already crossed a line. Better turn around now!

If you have to ask because the other party is married, then they've gone too far, and you need to extricate yourself from the situation.

If you are not the one doing it then just steer clear of the situation you don't want any part of that drama that will unfold at some point. If you are the one doing it then you must end it simple as that. But then that's just my opinion.
So, this is what passes for General Firefighting & Rescue Discussion here on FFN? (I knew letting women on the job was a bad idea.)
After a while you know who you can kid around with and who you can't.Like it was already stated,if it doesn't feel quite right it probably is over the line.I've seen this blow up a couple of times just in my own dept.
You are entitled to your opinion WestPhilly, as I am too. I sense a bit of animosity from you towards women who are in the same occupation as you are, not a good way to be. I work hard and do my job to the best of my ability and help my fellow co-worker/partner male or female that will never change. A good day to you.
Very true Chris, I'm sure many of us have witnessed something of this nature. THX for the input.

Michael, sometimes as much as you try the Drama Llama ends up at your desktop/st/unit and I do my best to avoid things along that line. It was a topic that we( co-workers) were discussing and though it would be interesting to see the response I would receive. THX, much appreciated.
As others have said, if you have to ask that question of yourself, then best advice is not to engage in the behavior. Very easy for things to get out of hand and one party feel that a door has been opened when it really wasn't.

I will add to this by saying that in this day of everybody getting all offended about something, it's very easy to find yourself on the wrong side of someone's desk and not even know why. Women seem to go out of their way to get all gussied up and looking like a million $$$ and as soon as some guy says something complimentary about their looks, instant sexual harassment charge. Gals, if you do NOT want us guys looking, do NOT bring the eye candy. I know I'm gonna catch all sorts of shit about that, but it is the way it is.


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