It does not matter what the tattoo deals with (as long as it is tasteful) go ahead and put it here.... I know some will have god or funny story's behind them so feel free to include that with the pictures.
Just for the record I am a BIG Batman fan so I have it incorporated it in mine some how, I designed all of them....

This was my first, it has U.V. ink in it so it glows under a black light.

This was number 2, it means "fierce hero"

Number 3, it is my great grandmothers name, year she was born and the year she passed.

Number 4, my wife likes tweety bird and I like bat man so I had tweety wearing the Adem West Batman suit with our sons name and date of birth.

Number 5, it describes its self.

I am addicted to tattoos so there will be more added....

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Nice and clean.... When I finish the design of my next one I will put pictures of it up.
I have a few I will post pics later but I was wondering if anyone knew of a good artist because I want to get one full back but I want to make sure it's the right one and I have a bunch of ideas in my head that I want to get put all together as one big tattoo.
Nice it's too bad you actually get the black background cause that really makes the flames look good!
love the ink that blue is really going to pop
That would be cool.... but then again I personally like to design mine I can not just pick something that every body looks at and can get.
this is on my left arm, I also have a dove with "I fear no evil for you are with me around it" in latin on my right shoulder
This is the only one I have. I want to do more to it just haven't decided what I want yet
I can see you're an Iron Maiden fan...
I agree they are very addicting
I have 6 right now how can i send them bigger so u can see them better
If u go to my pics you can see them better
I have 13 and more on the way

Top left to right
Life - Death
Chaos - Tranquility
Dragon- Demon
2 Nautical stars

many more to come shortly

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