Just wondering if there is anybody that still prefers the rubber turnout boots over the leather?

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My firefighters are still using the rubber firefighter boots ( Firewalker Shoefit) We have tried the leather boot from Globe and the jury is still out. Stay tuned! I have worn the zip up Haix leather boots for duty boots for several years now and wouldnt be without them except on days when I wear my Danner Ft Lewis boots. Bottom line is wearing something that not only protects you but is comfortable. Besides that it just fluff.
Warington Pro boots are my choice. Been in them for 15 yrs now. Was the best thing for my feet, My Dr said!!
I've got a pair of Thorogood Wide toe leather boots. I'm an instructor, so I need a boot thatI can wear for extended periods of time as well as fight fire in. I also wear a size 15 so the wide toe is a big help.
I have a pair of rubbers that I wouldn't trade for the world, to me they feel just like a regular tennis shoe. Granted they do weigh 9 1/2 pounds, they're still the most comfortable ones I've put my feet in. I'll probably get a pair of leathers when they finally wear out though.

Our FD issues rubber boots, due to budgets and price our dept considers leathers a luxury so if ya want em they come out of pocket unless someone donates some or we can get a grant.
Iunderstand about the budget thing I hadto come out of my pocket to get mine, but Iwas able to deduct part of the cost on my taxes.
My dept. issued leather globe's to all members about two years ago. I had rubber boots for a few months and then got the leathers... wow...I'm never going back to rubber boots.
there is no contest between leathers and rubbers once you put on a pair of leathers you will never want to go back to rubber but i also understand budget prob. i think my deptment paid about 350.00 a pair for what we have
still using rubber hear at our FD. they can be all right but take forever to dry and get cold quikly. I ride horses when I'm not in my gear and use lether for evreything vary comfey but most members in our FD wolnt have the time to take good care of lether boots
Leathers are comfortable, BUT...They have a higher chance of contamination and can not be de-contaminated if they come in contact with haz-mat. Every firefighter could walk through a haz-mat at any time in any building such as cleaners, industrial and residential chemicals etc.

I have worn rubber boots since the start and will continue to wear them for that purpose, leathers are too expensive to have to replace every time they get contaminated.
Never had leather but would like to try them.
I've got a pair of thorogood's they are 5yrs and have seen alot of action. They are still holding up really well. I do understand that Leather's are trash if contaminated, but they are such much more comfortable than rubber's. I'll never go back to the Rubber...
Got any extra surplus 9.5 wides around? lol I got to try on a set when I was at the fire academy one time. I'ma try to go for the globes when I buy my set.

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