I don't own a leather, but i've been very interested in them and
would like to know everyones thoughts on them.

Pros and cons about leather helmets.

And do they really have to get sent out and tested after every fire?

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I love my Cairnes New Yorker. Tradionally Firefighters have worn Leather Fire helmets since the beging of time. Composit helmets hopwever are much ighter and can be more comfortable. And no Leathers don't need to be sent out after every fire.
Oh wow.
Well i kinda figured youd have to take care of it since it is leather after all.

No i dont want one cuz everyone else has them.

Its just like looking at cars, you see these cars that are in your price range, and you say, im sure that
would be nice, then you see the real nice car that's like double the price of what your looking at and you get all
googly eyed over it.

That's the way I feel about the leather, they are gorgeous. And i didn't plan on just buying one off the bat either,
I was going to wait until state convention to see if they had plenty of helmets to try on, so i can try everything.

From what I've looked up, I've found i like the cairns 880 Chicago and the N5A new yorker. so once i actually try em on and get a good feel for em is where ill make my decision.

But thanks tho, if anyone has anymore insight on leathers, feel free to post.
I like the leather helmets but reality wise I wouldnt wear one on a day to day basis. I have one and I have it hanging in my office as a keepsake. I like the tradition of it but with the price and leather Ide rather keep it as memories and pass it on to my children. My everyday helmet is the composite Cairns that looks like the traditional leather helmet but without the price and weight.
The other way I think of it is that.

Where my department is, we really don't see much fire. Everyones gear looks almost new.
So i figured it would last quite a while.

AS A firefighter that has the best of both worlds, I get to sell and service the fire industry as a rep for a full service fire equipment dealer, I will tell you that if you want leather, buy yourself a leather helmet, but as Chief Sharp stated, most people now have them as keepsakes, ie; being promoted to Lt, Captain or Chief may get you a new leather helmet.
there are still a few of the hardcore Leather heads here in South Carolina and they all love 'em.

And if the rumor were true about the testing, a firefighter would never get to wear a leather helmet, they'd always be out for testing.

Just make sure that if you spend the money for a Leather Helmet, you get a helmet that meets or exceeds your department policy or guidelines, and that your Chief Officers or Board of Directors approve it being used on a daily basis.

Good Luck and STAY SAFE
John Love
DT, what you were issued is the best your station had to offer. I appreciate your attitude Bro. I get real concerned when I read about individuals running out buying this or that equipment and or asking others what they should buy. Either my folks wear what they are issued or they stay on the porch. That's the way our insurance see's it as well. We go to great lengths to make sure our equipment is both safe and compliant.
You want to wear your own equipment? Find an agency that dosnt care. And DT being quiet, HECK NO BRO!!!!
Joeseph may I suggest you find out if your department will allow you to wear a leather to begin with. Probably will as you are looking into feedback for them. With that said though, ask your Fire Chief if the helmet needs to be NFPA approved. If so, then the N6A Houston is what you need to be compliant as the New Yorker or N5A is not NFPA compliant and has no breakaway impact liner protection. The New Yorker is lighter and there is a reason. That helmet is only stamped with an OSHA approved helmet protection but not NFPA.

Long story short, before you drop a dime, let alone $500. on a helmet, you better know which one they will allow if any at all. I was a leather forever guy, but if you are on a busy company and wear them alot, the fake leather look is the way to go if you enjoy not having a sore neck or less visits to the chiropractor.

Last suggestion, do not go to eBay and purchase an old leather helmet and clean it up. Your head deserves better than an old, out-dated helmet that offer little to no protection. Besides, just think how many times some other guy cleaned up that leather with fiberglass and bondo before slapping on a fresh coat of black paint. An then there are others who go get the real old "fitted" leathers and paint em up real nice... these are without any internal protection at all.
Well thanks for the input brothers, ill talk to my chief about leathers next time i see him.

Ill ask about all that.

I hope he wont mind the new yorker. Because 100$ more for a lexan inner liner on the sam houston? come on bro.

If i could afford the sam, id get it just because of the nfpa regulations, but, its just not in my price range.

we'll see what happens, ill let you guys know.
I was thinking about buy a leather for awhile now. I'm glad I read this post and all the feedback cuz it pretty much has me convinced to keep my composite helmet for now.
Personally I wear eveything that the dept. issues. But at the same time I have a issue with the helmet that the dept. issued me. The paint is chipped and falling off. I have mentioned this to the chief and he has said it is no big deal. Any ideas here. I have just recently been issued new gear for the second dept. I am on and of course it is brand new. But as for the dept. issue on one. Well I am considering buying a personal helmet cause it is my life. And it is covered by the insurance here as long as you provide proof that it is NFPA approved for structural firefighting.
If you have a black n6a and an n5a next to eachother, plain with bourkes.

can you tell the difference?
Love my N5A wouldnt wear anything else

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