Ok I am sure this has been beat to death before. But I cannot find what I am looking for in the discussion's. I am wondering what would be considered the favorite leather fire boot for structural fire fighting. I am looking to be a new pair and looking for ideas. Thank you in advance for any information you can provide. And please don't chew me for listing this again. And if you do know of a previous post that has to do with this then please my all means send me a link.

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I have just the standard thorogood leathers. They are extremely comfortable and fairly cheap.
That is the boot's that I have been leaning towards myself. As soon as I can get to a retailer I am going to try them on and see how I like them. Thank you for a straight to the point answer.
Hi Robert
I just bought 15 pairs of the Globe boots for my members. This is the frist time in 33 years that I can say my feet don't hurt after a incident. I've tried every rubber made, I've got a bad habit of not wearing socks, the Globe boot fit and feel like you're wearing tennis shoes, they very light weight. They aren't cheap, but your feet,legs, and back will thank you for spending the extra 50 bucks...
I will take that into account. I also have a bad habit of not wearing socks all the time. I have taken to leaving a pair in my gear but nine times out of ten I don't put them on. Which model of globe did you purchase I notice there are several to choose from. Thank you for your reply.
The Globe G-Xtreme I think that what they are called. May I sugest that you try them on. One of my members ordered his old boot size and they eat his feet up, he ordered reg. and should have ordered wide. If you make it to FDIC this month Globe has one of the best displays in the building. Hope this help you. Like I stated They run about 350 a pair but they worth every pennie.
I am assuming they are pull on not zip up. I will not be making it to much of any of the expo's this year. I will be lucky to make it the Roscommon, Michigan Firemans Mermorial.
I have thorogood zip up structural boots and absolutly love them. the only down is if you wear them as station boots they are a pain to take off and put back on. i keep them in my pants and dont have any complaints about them
My biggest concern with Zip up the side boots is how well do they work when left in the pant's? Because I can see a issue with our gear on Station 1 because We use chieftain gear and the bunkers fit very snuggly around the boot's.
Yes Robert They pull-ons. I don't see how you get the zip-ups zipped with bunker pants unless the zipper is in the front of the boot and still they would have to be shorter than a 14" boot....
See that is what I was saying. I will have to look into it. But I want to get pull on's myself.
Robert I have had a pair of Rangers and a pair of Thorogood and I have to say I like the Rangers the best. they were more comfortable and broke in real easy, if I had a choice to return the thorogoods I would do it in a heartbeat but oh well. good luck in your search. By the way the rangers lasted me about 12 years if you take care of them. like waterproofing them etc...

Just remember to keep your boots clean... don't wear leather into structure fires or hazmat incidents. No matter how hard you try to clean them, and the photo is meant to emphasize this... you won't be successful. You cannot decon leather. Use your rubber boots for these types of incidents because the rubber / synthetics can be decontaminated without issue.


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