check out my Females in the Fire service Group. I am not man bashing at all. I am just stating that i believe women that can do the job deserve equality!!! I do understand that there are women out there that cant...'cuz I have them on my department TOO, however those are the ones that give chics like me who love to get dirty and get hot ( in a fire the that is) a bad name. Tell me your thoughts.

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not to be rude or over step my bounds did anyone else notice that Guerrerita and julie are both hot and i mean like full fledge burn to the ground and watch hot
ya i think i blew up the can of worms with dynamite but its the truth so ill stand by it and i hope they both take it as a compliment
That would be my guess too...
Wow, just by chance I clicked on an email. I haven't been to this website in a while. I, good sir, know of many women who can do the job equally and I am embarrassed to say I know many men who would lay gasping for breath trying to keep up.
Don't generalize.
Just sayin'.
shew no one saw lol
Here, here.
My dept chief is giving a FF1 course at this time. I help him out with the instructing at times and out of 21 FF 2 are females. And i'll be the first to tell you they would be in my top 4 to have with me in a fire, on a hose, vehicle extraction, or what ever be the case. These 2 women bust thier ass !!
I think they were done with Photo Shop.
Or Glamour Shots.
I'm always confusing the two.
By the way, that's a stand in sitting on my motorcycle.
There you have it.
Which leads me to wonder WHY it is still an ISSUE!
We have two ladies on our fire department and just as soon as we can teach them to cuss like the rest of us, they will be equal.
So there.
I think I might have got some worm guts on me,but I'll take it as a compliment.

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