We are a rural volunteer department, with 24 members. While shuttling water to the scene, the valves and dumps often freeze up during harsh Wisconsin winters. I was just wondering if anyone knows of anything, that's not too expensive since we are on a tight budget, that we can spray on or apply to our valves, dumps, doors to keep them from freezing up between filling and dumping? Any help is appreciated.


Casco Fire Dept

Casco, Wisconsin

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for the freezing part a spray bottle of alcohol generally works for me and the valves white litheum spray and work them daily
Yes Josh it may...but it also may ruin a pump in the process...is it worth the risk...? Hell just move to a warmer climate...that would solve the problem I think....LOL
Umm, Carl? What is his name? Finn Volunteer...

Finland - a pretty cold part of the world in its winter I think :)
Very inteligent design! Jeep the pumps warm and comfortable; and the pump operator can have warm hands too...

Oh, take those zero's off your temperatures and that sounds more like us :-)
Cabin lid gives pump operator nice roofcover for rain, sun, snow etc. bad weather.

Ankward to speak about winter and below zero temperatures, It´s summer in here and two weeks ago had first heatwawe (28 -30˚C ) which ended in heavy thunderstorms.
I didn't think about the cabin lid providing protection from the sun! Very nice.

28-30 is great temperature. I'm quite happy when it's about that temp in summer here. In our summer, a thunderstorm usually turns out to be dry, no rain at all. They often start wildfires.
At here that temperature is too hot for most people..

That last thunderstorm dropped 5cm of water in four hours. 19 wildfires, house fires and automatic calls.
Petroleum jelly works well for us. Coat the weather stripping around the doors of the dump valves and the Cams and interior of the camlock fittings.

A torch can be 1 of you best friends in the winter.

Well up in the northwest corner of Vermont and I learned this from a article about the Fairbanks, Alaska fire Dept. that they used to spray biodegradable anti freeze. In they late fall I would spray all suction hose couplings, intake and discharge caps, ball valves. It really worked good on the Kocheck couplings as a lubricant both summer and winter. Now something else that might work is W-D 40 it dispersess water.


when i was in the navy we used silicone grease as it will not harm the seals only a thin film is needed

and we cruised the arctic a few times

its also great for preventing corrosion

Biodegradable anti-freeze in a spray bottle, works great.

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