I was wondering, seeing as im a firefighter in training, and seeing as we just did about 2 weeks of SCBA skills, out instructor keeps telling us we need to keep getting used to this gear and make sure we know the ins and outs of it, however, my inclination, is that were not going to get that much contact with the SCBA, so i wanted to ask your opinion, do you think it would be a good idea to go into a firestation, and perhaps ask to practice with their SCBA's? are their SOP's regarding that? i have a friend who is currently in the HFD, so i thought about asking him, but i kinda wanted to see what you guys thought, any answers would be good. Thanks

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No, I don't agree with going into a dept just to practice with their SCBA, unless you are affiliated with that dept. Just being in training isn't a reason to learn the ins and outs of an SCBA, because you should know the ins and outs of the SCBAs associated with YOUR dept. Basically I'm saying, don't woory too much about getting off site training with the SCBA unless you are affiliated with a fire dept.

I have been in fire courses with those who were not affiliated with a dept and at times the school would allow the student to take a pack home to practice with and so forth. It is good to be familiar with the equipment you are using in the school, but I don't agree with going to some fire dept and knocking on the door just to get familiar with an SCBA. Wait until you become affiliated with a dept and covered by a depts insurance before worrying about becoming intimantly familiar with an SCBA.
i gotcha, our instructor just insists we know this stuff in and out, i can train with my PPE all day long since im renting it, however, the SCBA is a little trickier, lots of more stuff going on with it, and seeing as its spring break, not much you can do to train with it during this time, i might see if they will let me take one home to practice with it, esp getting the time requirement down. thanks for your imput
You cannot walk into any FD and ask to practice with one of their SCBA units.
I would have to agree with John here...use the SCBA provided to you in your training program. It really isn't necessary to go to another department and ask to practice unless as John suggested you are affiliated with them. I don't think many departments would want you to train with any of their equipment unless you are somehow associated with them. When you get to that point you can and should become more familiar as has been suggested. Good luck.

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