should juniors be allowed to ride ambulance and have patient contact. a junior can see something bad on an MVA but should they help treat it. EMS had more physcological damage then fire, should juniors be allowed to do ems too. if yes, why and what good comes of it, if no why not?

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Are you old enough to be a registered EMT or Paramedic in your state? I'm going to assume the answer is no. That in turn answers your question. Sorry Ryan, but keep at it, your time will come.
sorry man as much as i want to say yes its not the fact of you can handle it but more of all the legalities of it if you say somthing you can cost us our license and if somthing happens and the pt dies and it goes to court YOU CAN STILL GO TO JAIL even if you didnt know any better
so do you think that explorers post that have ambulances should let them observe atleast?
No, its too much of a liability to the department. If something were to happen ( God forbid) then the question will be asked " why was a junior firefighter there?" Your time will come when you can ride, just hang in there.
my state has an apprentice license, which means you can have patient contact but not be a provider. so the 3rd person. does your dept. have juniors or explorers?
It depends, some things you may see can really wear on the psyche, really mess with your head. I've had many sleepless nights and nightmares. And that's even more impressionable on a younger mind.
ive had rides in both fire trucks and ems trucks since i was 16 , im 20 now and still going strong , i think it depends on the person
If your EMT cert. then sure you can be on a Ambluance. If your not, stay out. Thats are policy. There are some exceptions but 99% of the time. An explorer will only ride the Ambluance if he is EMT cert.

Thats what we do.

Explorer Captian Marc Hurwitz
Los Angeles CITY Fire Department
one other thing if you are currently taking a emt class you can ride along but you still can not interact with the patient with sample history vitals or any other aspect all you can do is observe and help lift from time to time
This would be entirely up to the protocols and department policy of the agency the Junior represents.
When I was an explorer we were allowed to ride on the ambulances, and usually that is what we did because of more chance for calls. It was decided several years later that explorers shouldn't be allowed on an ambulance anf ride alongs were limited to either the pump or truck companies. Our explorers may ride an engine and get to see some EMS, but I do agree that explorers or juniors should not be doing any type of patient care.

The issue with "seeing stuff" isn't that big a deal, but the problem comes down to patient privacy and patient care. While juniors or explorers may be held to similar standards regarding the release of patient info, the legal aspects fall with the department. Same thing with allowing an explorer/junior do patient care, the legal aspects fall to the department. In the event of a lawsuit, it could easily mean someone's license and/or career if a non medically qualified person was doing patient care.

As with everything, the role of an explorer or junior is to OBSERVE. There will definately be plenty of EMS in the future if one decides this career path, there is no reason to take unneccesary legal chances by having non-medical qualified personnel riding along.

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