I am looking for some input on the validity of the spanner belt.  We are in a unique position at my department with some of us old timers wearing them, and some not.  Now a few of the old timers are requiring rookies to wear them, but the belt is not part of initial or continuing training.  Just curious to know who is using them, and in what application.  Also, is anyone aware of injuries or fatalities that have resulted from the use, proper or improper, of the belts?


Thank you in advance for your input.



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Sorry, not sure what a "Spanner Belt" is.
do you mean a "gut" belt???
I have not seen anyone use these in a while.

BTW... Here is a picture of one:
I thought that the spanner belt was primarily used in the midwest area. Not using one, I can still see the application for them as far as always having a spanner, a hose strap, or to carry tools. I would never fault a member for using one, but he/she must know the limitations of the belt and not use it for such.
We do not have a the belt but every bcfd firefighter is issued a spanner and a hose strap. I use the spanner all the time some guys carry it some dont.
Good topic.... as an "old timer" we are hard to change (some times), and we try to teach the "new kids" little tricks of the trade. However as management, the guys can not require anyone to use them (unless it is in your policies to do so, find that out 1st). If it is not required, do what makes you/them feel the most comfortable (leather"truckman" belt, "Gut" belt, spanner belt, or no belt at all etc..). When I was on the line I wore a leather "truckmans" belt, than switched to a "Gut" escape belt. Again it is all your/thier preferance.

The spanner belt is nice, but you can carry a folding spanner in your pocket if you want or better yet, on the rig (because if the rig is there that is when you would need a spanner, no engine, no hose). its primary use is as a "rope hose tool" to drag hose, and/or used at the hydrant, or wherever a spanner might be needed. It however is not a reated escape belt. But again does have its "limited" uses. Hope this helps you out.

Our department used them as standard issue until about 1975, there are still a few in use. I used one for years, very useful, but now use the belt of my SCBA to hold an axe and pockets for everything else.

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