Is it unfair to male firefighters for fire departments to give female firefighters special sleeping and bathroom arrangements?

Now that more and more women are entering the fire service, officers are scratching their heads on how to handle new situations that are arising around the firehouse! One fire department decided to give the female firefighters their own room with a locking door and their own bathroom and shower. Another fire department felt that separating male and female firefighters was segregation, so they all sleep in the same room with a curtain for privacy and take turns using the shower. Some male firefighters feel that giving females private rooms and bathrooms is being bias and giving special treatment. I could care less either way, but for those guys use to walking around in their boxers and God forbid naked(we all have that one crazy nudist in our dept), it might pose a problem! Should male and female firefighters be separated in the firehouse?

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It is absolutely UNFAIR> Does that mean it will change? Probably not. Lets look at the 'big' picture here.

A female firefighter is assigned to a station.
She complains that she needs privacy etc.
We dont have the money to set her up with that.
Do we have the $$$ to pay when she sues and wins millions of dollars? Because that is the way it works.

In my department we get this..wait..A GENDER COMPLIANT TEAM> So we have a female engineer and captain that do yearly inspection to make sure that ALL station are gender compliant. That there are quarters for females, that all doors lock properly, no "peep" holes in walls, doors, or ceilings, that the restrooms are adequate for female usage (there term ..not mine)

These are women who are paid 'on duty' to run this program.

So is it fair...NOPE
Will it most likely stay that way...YUP
Nicely put
Well i see that women have other needs then men when it comes to certin things and i think they do need there own shower room but the bunk room should be left alone they just got to have respect for each other
I would like to say the same as the other Mike, nicely done! When you replied to my discussion on some women wanting an easier CPAT, you sumed it up very well! You can tell who is very involed in their profession!
we have a job to do men or women. we should respect each other when we shower and not run around butt naked. so i think it's a good ideal to have women in the fire service. maybe the dept. needs to make rules or SOP and have everyone sigh off on.
I'm going to stay out of this one! :)
All of the new stations being built here are, as Jake might say, gender compliant. No more bunk rooms. The real benefit to this is you no longer have to put up with the snorer on shift.

Related story. An old family friend was working one night when the strip club around the corner caught fire. One of the 'employees' in(or out of) uniform ran around the corner to notify the station. Being the gentleman he was, he offered his coat to her. His wife didn't speak to him for a month.
womens turn.. i understand about the guys getting mad, but look at it this way.. if the rooms were together and the shower was open.. how many of the guys are goin to be accused of doing something with the girls or spying on them.. dont know how well ur wives or girl friends trust u, but i know i am in a volunteer dept. and most of the guys are not trusted there and there is no shower and sleeping over...
Ok here is my 2 cents worth. Divide shower times up. Same sleeping quarters Are we not professionals here? and further more women want ot be treated equal so let them. I am not bashing on women. Hell I love women that is why i married one LOL Anyway jsut mind your manners guys and there should not ever be a stupid lawsuit.
I look forward to reading your entries. Well done.
People, are we are pickin the nit?

Much has said in various forums about the "brother/sisterhood". Guys/gals, did/do you share a room with your blood sister/brother at home? Maybe some of you do/did, but I'd be willing to bet not. Why? We like our privacy, our space.

Now at one time, we were "firemen". Females were not allowed. Because of tradition, the fire service is the very last organization to effect change, and not without strong resistance. Women in the fire service are becoming commonplace in this business, and it was easy and cheap to change the term fireman, to firefighter. However, the actual idea of having both sexes together has taken time for the reality to set in.

I have worked in both types of houses, one where we were co-ed, and separate (segregated if you must). It makes no difference to me. If my spouse (if I had one) didn't trust me, or I her, then there is a bigger issue than what the sleeping arrangements at the station are.

My attitude is and always has been; I respect my own brother and sister's privacy, why would it be any different at the station. I wouldn't "fool around" with my own family, I won't do it with my extended family. If we are truly adults, what difference does it make?
"it was easy and cheap to change the term fireman, to firefighter." I still say fireman, although firefighter is a better description of what we do. My take on it is this - what do you call me? A Wo?? No, I am a Woman. You can't take man out of everything just to appease the feminists. Sorry to get off track!

As for the bunking situation, I'm a volunteer so I don't face this situation. We are still in the process of finishing our firehouse. We have the barn, but not the office/training area. Right now we have one bathroom and the door locks. I'd be fine with having only that if I were on a paid department too.

I'm not sure having segregated bunking areas should be viewed as getting special treatment though. Think of it more as for everyones protection. Some women can be pretty thin skinned when it comes to perceiving sexual harrassement and some men can be pretty thick skulled about improper behavior in a mixed crowd. Some wives can be overly suspicious of female firemen and their relationships with the men. Some husbands can be overly jealous of their wives being around male firement. It's just better for everyone to eliminate such problems where possible. Human nature being what it is, it's impossible for all problems to be resolved.


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