I  travel alot, and in my travels I always stop in and visit the local brothers. Call it what you want but it is usually those shiney red trucks (that make little kids excited) that will draw me into that firehouse everytime.


Being a progressive fire-rescue instructor I am always looking for ways to "Master my Domain". My domain is providing the best possible service on the BRT pictured below.



To master any art form it takes alot of time, committment and pride in what you are doing. Usually during my stops to visit brothers, I will always ask specifics about their apparatus. I can pretty quickly identify the progressive firefighters, (the one's who thrive to master their domain) from the hero's. (in it for the t-shirt and glory)


How can you identify the two? It is pretty simple... you ask them what kind of ground ladder configuration and compliment they have on their apparatus when they are showing you the piece.


The brothers who are reading the labels post opening said compartments are either brand new or just along for the ride. So I have to ask, you along for the ride or mastering your domain?





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FETC, as always a good discussion. I would love to be able to say I am attempting to master my domain, but there are certain aspects that I am just along for the ride in. With the amount of downtime at the house, there could always be opportunities to train in something new and different, but that is usually spent either watching TV or sitting on the computer waiting for chow time.

This is a good reminder to try and pay a little closer attention to detail, even with tools and equipment I use every day.
FETC, I have been at this for 36 years and still love to talk to FF, especially the FF's that are "into the job". It is great to find out how others do things to see if we are up to snuff. I even visited stations in Europe last year and learned a lot. I spent 10 years as union presidemt for our 325 members. Now that I have been working just one job I have a renewed enthusiasim for learning, teaching and making my department and company the best it can be. I still spend my time off going to seminars and classes and trying to get others to go with me. Just in the last 12 months we have built a new company first due map book, a new in house company training program, a new rig inventory and are currently working on compiling an updated list of stanpipes and sprinkler systems and their locations. This is while going on about 3,800 call a year. The thing is the guys in our slow stations (550 runs a year) sit around and bitch about the job and the union and how they are being screwed. Like I say from time to time, "workers don't bitch and bitchers don't work". Keep up your work and spead the goodness!
Greg, call volume does do wonders for morale. how many times have you heard, man we need a job to change the attitude around here. The busier the company is, the less down town for complaining about the little stuff.

What I mean by "Being the Master of your Domain" is I tend to find the down time stations have many label reader firefighters but on the flip side can easily name who was last years Nascar champ, or the batting average of their favorite MLB hitter. But that information does absolutely nothing for your next working fire. Your next over the ladder rescue, or battle with thermal insult. By knowing and memorizing your preconnects, crosslays, hose diameter, lengths, and GPM's. or the the ladder compliment on your rig, your are better prepared for the battle.

I would like to think that I am strivingto be a master of my domain. I consistently try to learn new things around our station and ave found that helping the probies does wonders for learning yourself. It is amazing some of he off the wall questionsthat they ask that you may never have thought of. I always volunteer to help them for this reason and more. That being said, could I do more, absolutley, I will admit to time watching T.V or shooting the shit about non fire related stuff. I believe that there is a balance that needs to be achieved. I have only been with te the FD a short period of time, so to say that I am a master of my domain would be foolish, and I believe that even after 20+ years of service I will still not be one simply because things constantly change in this profession and you are constantly learning new things. Can you keep learning and bettering yourself, absolutley. But the day I think I know everything there is to know is the day I need to hang up the bunkers.

Just my humble opinion

You are correct!
This reminds me of an article I read over at Backwards and Stupid... link below....


It's very easy to pick out who's got a passion for the job and who's here for the glory.
Thanks for the article, I will pass it on to our 300.
Not master, but working hard at it.

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